Digital payments

Wells Fargo strikes data-sharing agreement with Plaid


One of the largest U.S. banks and a dominant data aggregator have signed an agreement designed to give customers more control over their data.


Why Wells Fargo is jumping on the digital currency bandwagon


It's not a reaction to JPM Coin, the banks says, but a way to speed up international payments for corporate clients.


New Zealand's progressive approach is a boost for cryptocurrency


The new regulation in New Zealand shows other jurisdictions how best to address cryptocurrencies and their use in payments.


Zelle founder to helm Ripple rival Interstellar


The creator of Zelle precursor clearXchange is heading a company building a blockchain-based international payment technology for banks.


Call for faster paychecks overlooks key facts


The Fed's development of a real-time payments systems has sparked a pointless debate about paper checks.


Waters meets with Swiss officials to discuss Facebook's crypto plans


House Financial Services Committee Chair Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and a bipartisan congressional delegation met with Swiss government officials last week to discuss Facebook’s plans to launch and operate a digital currency.


FedNow service and blockchain closely linked


Crypto technology will play a major role in the central bank's real-time payments system.


IG to Treasury: Don't whitewash lapses in Comerica benefits program


An inspector general’s findings suggest that the Texas bank could face more consequences over how it handled fraud cases last year tied to the Direct Express program.


Digit savings app drops fee for instant overdraft protection


The San Francisco-based fintech is using JPMorgan Chase’s real-time payments service to power the updated overdraft prevention tool.


Venmo adds Instant Transfer link to bank accounts


As the competition mounts to increase adoption rates for person-to-person payment apps, PayPal's Venmo is adding a way for users to quickly move money from the app to their bank account.