Digital payments

Walmart crypto coin patent could be a back door to banking


Walmart has filed a patent application for a digital currency that, like Facebook's Libra, would be a stablecoin backed by traditional currencies. And it envisions a very specific use case where its coin could stand in for cash — or even for a bank account.


Why we’re joining the big banks’ payments system


Community banks shouldn’t wait for the Fed to create a new real-time payments rail when consumers are already flocking to other options.


Digital Banking Demo Sessions 2019


Top technology innovations in digitla banking you need to see


'Stop sugar coating the reverse mortgage': Comments of the Week


Readers react to BofA defending reverse mortgage borrowers, support the Federal Reserve creating a real-time payments system, advocate for consolidating federal bank agencies and more.


Fed must remain lead player in real-time payments


If the Federal Reserve doesn't maintain an active role, Wall Street megabanks could take over the payments system.


Deutsche mulling ‘radical’ job cuts; Central bank digital currency efforts


The bank is considering eliminating as many as 20,000 jobs; BIS doesn’t want central banks to fall behind private cybercurrency efforts.


Goldman Sachs explores creating a digital coin like JPMorgan’s


CEO David Solomon said that Goldman is “absolutely’’ looking at digital currencies and conducting “extensive research’’ on tokenization.


Why Washington mobilized so quickly against Facebook's crypto plans


The speed and the bipartisan nature of the demand for an investigation into Facebook's Libra are telling, giving ammunition to those who warned the cryptocurrency space is underregulated and unsafe


Facebook, fintech velocity, race for deposits: Digital Banking's big ideas


Facebook's plans to launch its Libra cryptocurrency dominated much of the discussion at American Banker's Digital Banking conference last week, but attendees also debated what big tech company might strike next and what future digital innovations are in store.


As Libra regulatory storm gathers, a Mastercard exec preaches calm


Libra has only been public for a few days, but it has been enough time for regulators around the world to savage the project and schedule hearings. Jorn Lambert, executive vice president of digital solutions for Mastercard, said the project's objectives are aligned with the regulators' concerns.