Digital currencies

House lawmakers square off over Facebook's crypto plans


Democrats called on the social media company to halt its Libra project, while Republicans said Congress should keep the door open to innovation.


Once a doubter, TD is now bullish on crypto, blockchain


It's created a new digital assets and distributed ledger group, trades bitcoin futures and is funding a crypto exchange.


Deutsche tied to 1MDB; Powell's Libra comments resonate


The Justice Department is investigating the bank for possible money laundering violations; the Fed chair says Facebook’s plan raises “serious concerns.”


Regulating Libra’s a waste of time


What Facebook really needs is another heavyweight like Amazon or Google to help spur cryptocurrency competition.


Will Congress stop Facebook's Libra?


The rush to hold hearings in both the House and the Senate reflects broad skepticism across the political spectrum about the social network's plan to develop an alternative payment system.


Virtual currency debate needed the jolt it got from Facebook


Facebook’s cryptocurrency pilot highlights just how important it is for regulators and banks to figure out where they land in the emerging monetary digital age.


Goldman Sachs explores creating a digital coin like JPMorgan’s


CEO David Solomon said that Goldman is “absolutely’’ looking at digital currencies and conducting “extensive research’’ on tokenization.


CEO acquitted in financial crisis case; Wedded to debt


Former Barclays CEO John Varley was accused of trying to obtain funds to avoid a government bailout; borrowing to pay for weddings surged last year.


Facebook, fintech velocity, race for deposits: Digital Banking's big ideas


Facebook's plans to launch its Libra cryptocurrency dominated much of the discussion at American Banker's Digital Banking conference last week, but attendees also debated what big tech company might strike next and what future digital innovations are in store.


The existential threat of Facebook's digital currency


If Libra becomes a major financial force, the stability of global finance is on the line.