Digital currencies

‘We don’t need to rush’ on Fed digital dollar, Powell says


Democratic leaders are encouraging the Federal Reserve to develop its own digital currency to expand financial services access. Chair Jerome Powell indicated the central bank plans to take a methodical approach.



Powell says central bank digital currency must coexist with cash


Potential central bank digital currencies would need to be integrated into existing payment systems alongside cash and other forms of money, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said.



Fed digital currency gains steam with Democrats in power


As the Federal Reserve continues to explore issuing a digital U.S. dollar, the Biden administration and key congressional leaders are endorsing the idea as a way to expand banking access for underserved consumers.


Yellen signals interest in backing digital-dollar research


Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said a digital version of the dollar could help address hurdles to financial inclusion in the U.S. among low-income households.


Northern Trust, Fidelity join small club managing crypto assets


They're among a handful of companies willing to hold clients' digital assets for safekeeping. Many of their peers balk at the reputational and financial risks.


Digital dollar, inclusion and the stimulus bill


The events of 2020 have only helped to intensify a range of potentially disruptive developments in the payment industry. As the central bank's digital currencies advance, how will the government and the private sector work together to bring projects to an effective conclusion?