Digital currencies

The problems with crypto’s revolving door


Several former policymakers have joined virtual currency firms as directors or advisers, but the trend carries risks for officials and consumers alike if these companies stumble.


Breaking Banks: Amazon’s new devices; crypto shenanigans


Brian Roemmele debriefs on Alexa’s new range of voice-activated appliances, and Dmitry Malyanov, co-founder of AdHive, shares some of the questionable ICO promotion tactics he’s seen.


Fannie executive departs to join digital currency exchange


Brian Brooks, the mortgage giant's general counsel, is leaving this week to head the legal team at Coinbase.


Cryptocurrencies will survive price swings: Coinbase


Digital currencies can outlast bitcoin's volatility because they are more egalitarian than the traditional payment system and offer a better alternative for emerging countries, the cryptocurrency exchange says.


N.Y. regulators have approved two cryptocurrencies. Now what?


At first glance, New York regulator's first license to cryptocurrencies appears to be a good sign for other digital currencies. But there's a catch.


How a VC views the bank-fintech battle (hint: banks are losing)


Minal Hasan, a lawyer turned prominent fintech venture capitalist, has strong views on founder dramas, cryptocurrency, and why banks need to step up their technology game.


Should banks let people buy bitcoin with credit cards?


Large card issuers began banning cryptocurrency purchases on their cards in February. But fintechs are allowing consumers to purchase and invest in digital currencies, and they say the risk is minimal.


Crypto money laundering rose 3X in first half 2018: report


Theft and money laundering are both thriving in the crypto world, according to a report released Tuesday by CipherTrace.


Reality check: Will crypto firms score a banking charter?


At least two cryptocurrency companies, Coinbase and ivyKoin, have talked to federal regulators about obtaining a bank license, but there is skepticism that it will happen. Here's why.


Commercial lending squeeze play; banks' 'militarized' cyber efforts


Banks feeling the pressure in commerical lending from lightly-regulated, cash-flush competitors; financial institutions take "an increasingly militarized approach" to fighting cybercrime.