Digital currencies

Digital dollars would deploy financial relief faster


Lawmakers should approve a program to distribute stimulus funds using a government-sanctioned coin, which would be speedier than the current system.


Bank of Canada lays groundwork for digital currency


"We need to move forward to work out what a potential CBDC might look like and how it could be managed, if the decision were ever taken to issue one," Deputy Gov. Tim Lane said, according to the text of remarks to be delivered Tuesday in Montreal.


Staley probed for ties to disgraced financier; Fed picks face Senate panel


Authorities looking into Barclays CEO’s dealings with Jeffrey Epstein; controversial pick Judy Shelton, critics charge, would jeopardize Fed independence.


Fed’s Powell open to more than one Libor alternative


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told senators that the central bank is willing to explore a credit-sensitive interest benchmark in addition to the secured overnight financing rate, which some banks say could cause problems during economic stress.


Where’s crypto’s watchdog?


Criminals are filling the void left by lax U.S. regulation of cryptocurrencies.


FICO gets tougher on credit scores; Goldman pushes diversity


The changes will mean a bigger gap between the best and worst borrowers; the bank will require companies they take public to have a ‘diverse’ board member.


Central banks team up to study case for digital currencies


The body will include the Bank of England, Bank of Canada, the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank, but not the Federal Reserve or the People's Bank of China.


Morgan Stanley not satisfied; lawmakers demand more answers from Dimon


The investment bank is raising its return on equity target following a record earnings year; Democrat lawmakers say JPMorgan's response on racial discrimination questions was inadequate.


What inspired State Street's digital asset investing venture


The bank sees digital assets as part of the future and "we want to be there when this happens," says Ralph Achkar, head of digital product development and innovation.


Libra: The opening act of a modern regulatory drama


Facebook’s stablecoin initiative has inspired countless ideas about how to put fintech under the control of federal regulators. Here are the most critical questions.