Digital currencies

IBM launches challenge to Ripple and Swift


The tech company has taken World Wire, its blockchain-based cross-border payments network, live in 72 countries.


Startup investment bank seeks to become one-stop shop for crypto


Fincross, based on the island of Mauritius, is launching a regulated investment bank for digital assets. It faces tough competition.


Protecting new currency from old-school market manipulation


Crypto exchanges are adopting anti-fraud surveillance tools as they attempt to root out pump-and-dump schemes, insider trading and bogus orders.


'Nice try JPM, but no cigar': Comments of the week


Readers weigh legislative proposals on pot banking, consider JPMorgan's new digital coin, debate the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s brokered deposit rules and more.


How will rivals respond to JPM Coin?


Barclays, Bank of America, TD Bank and other banks have filed multiple blockchain patents over the years, but have yet to publicly announce their plans for the technology.


Can JPMorgan Chase's JPM Coin knock off Ripple and Swift?


JPMorgan is prototyping its own digital currency to be used for cross-border payments and, later, other purposes. Will banks find this a palatable alternative to today's most well-known options?


The case that’s challenging bitcoin’s status as payment instrument


Undercover cops arrested a Miami Beach man for trying to sell bitcoin for dollars. Carlton Fields attorney Matthew Kohen explains what the case means to banks.


House passes bills to tackle illicit use of virtual currencies


The bipartisan legislation would establish a task force to study how bad actors exploit new technologies and reward tips that lead to criminal convictions, among other things.


Fintechs may finally win charter chase in 2019


Whether it's the OCC's special-purpose charter, ILCs or some other option, observers see fintechs being able to obtain banking powers.


Could Ripple's XRP replace correspondent banks? This bank says yes


Despite controversy surrounding Ripple’s digital token, one bank is pushing forward to use it in cross-border payments.