Digital currencies

Congress may need to step in on Libor switch, Mnuchin warns


The Treasury secretary suggested a role for lawmakers in containing any fallout with financial contracts stemming from the transition to a new interest rate benchmark.


N.Y. Fed close to filling market ops spots; Subprime auto-backeds rev up


The Bank is poised to pick two people to handle Simon Potter’s former job; Securities backed by subprime U.S. car loans are “going gangbusters.”


'There's going to be room for both systems'


In a sit-down interview, Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester discusses how the FedNow real-time payment system will work alongside a big-bank one.


FedNow is necessary, Fed digital currency is not: Mester


The Cleveland Fed president dismissed concerns about the central bank's faster payments system competing with The Clearing House's network, while saying that a national digital currency is less of a necessity in the U.S. than in other countries.


Fed eyeing banks’ technology vendors; Wells questioned on fees


Banks’ third-party technology providers may face increased scrutiny; Rep. Porter wants more data about "confusing" checking account fees.


Ripple's XRP used in $400M of crimes, a crypto-tracking firm says


Yet that figure is relatively low compared with other digital assets such as bitcoin, according to the fintech Elliptic.


‘Wall Street’s ledger systems don’t keep honest track of who owns what’


Caitlin Long, member of the Wyoming Blockchain Task Force, explains why the state has enacted 13 blockchain laws and what they mean for fintechs and banks.


Where does Facebook’s digital currency project stand after Zuckerberg testimony?


American Banker Capitol Hill reporter Neil Haggerty shares how the D.C. community reacted to Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony and how they look at the project now.


Zuckerberg makes his case to Congress; GAO opinion could help banks


Facebook CEO says the company won’t purse Libra anywhere if U.S. regulators disapprove; the agency says “guidance” was actually “rules.”


OCC loses fintech charter case; Zuckerberg to defend Libra


A federal judge says the agency can’t issue national bank charters to fintechs; Facebook’s CEO will state his case at a House hearing.