Debt Collection

Human Rights Watch on Imprisonment for Debt


What happens in countries where no consumer bankruptcy regime exists as a safety valve to assuage the worst consequences of unpayable debt? A report this week from Human Rights Watch ("We Lost Everything": Debt Imprisonment in Jordan) offers one heart-wrenching answer. The following excerpt captures the essence:


CFPB considers halting implementation of QM, debt collection rules


Acting Director Dave Uejio wrote in a blog post that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau needs more time to consider rules that were finalized under the Trump administration but have not yet gone into effect.


California's DFPI issues subpoenas to debt collectors


The state agency alleged potential violations of “unlawful, unfair, deceptive or abusive” practices by a dozen companies.


Saga over regulating debt collectors will continue in 2021


The CFPB issued two rulemakings in 2020 that the financial services industry and consumer advocates hoped would finally clarify key issues over how collectors contact debtors and deal with legacy debts. But both sides want the incoming Biden administration to make further changes.