Debt Collection

New suit against Discover highlights lingering robocalling risk


The case — the card issuer's third in six years — is an example of the legal peril that banks and other companies continue to face over the use of automated phone calls for debt collection and other purposes.


Another day, another Capitol Hill grilling for CFPB's Kraninger


In her second day of congressional testimony, Kathy Kraninger took heat from Senate Democrats for weighing in on constitutional questions about her agency and for her enforcement track record.


Dems unload on CFPB’s Kraninger: ‘You are absolutely worthless’


CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger faced a barrage of questions from Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee over why the agency has not demanded refunds for consumers in recent settlements.


BofA's 'productive paranoia,' GSEs' next moves, debt collecters' letdown: Top stories of the week


BofA’s do-no-harm approach to AI; looking at what comes next for Fannie and Freddie now that they get to keep their earnings; ruling cuts short debt collectors’ victory lap over CFPB proposal; and more from this week’s most-read stories.


Ruling cuts short debt collectors’ victory lap over CFPB proposal


The industry had welcomed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau plan allowing debt collectors to use electronic communication, but some worry about the effect of a court decision concerning email correspondence.


House lawmakers spar over CFPB debt collection rule


A hearing on legislative proposals exposed a sharp partisan divide over a regulatory plan to restrict the frequency of collection calls.


'These foolish ideas': Comments of the week


Readers react to plans by Democratic presidential candidates to reform college tuition, credit unions buying more banks, whether the next president could fire the CFPB head and more.


N.Y. regulator voices objections to CFPB's debt collection plan


Linda Lacewell, New York’s superintendent of financial services, said the CFPB's debt collection proposal does not go far enough to protect consumers.


Do Judges Do Contract Interpretation Differently During Crisis Times?


Scholars of constitutional law and judicial behavior have long conjectured that judges behave differently during times of crisis.


CFPB says Chicago debt collector made bogus threats against consumers


Asset Recovery Associates told borrowers that it could sue them, garnish their wages and place liens against their homes, according to a consent order by the consumer bureau.