The One Question Every Bank Must Ask — And Answer


Almost 40 years ago, a rock music legend asked a question that too many banks are failing to address today.


Wells Scandal Ups Ante on Compliance Officer Accountability


At a time when individual accountability at corporations is mounting, here is how compliance officers can detect and prevent fraud occurrences within their own firms.


ICBA's Suit Against NCUA Over Business Lending Is Meritless


The National Credit Union Administration acted appropriately, within its legal authority, when issuing its member business lending rule.


Nonbanks Dominating FHA Is a Good Thing


Borrowers served by the FHA program, particularly first-time buyers and minorities, have benefitted from nonbanks' increase in lending. Those independent lenders should be commended for filling a gap.


A Surprising Obstacle in Small Biz Lending: Fax Machines


A bill looming in Congress would require the Internal Revenue Service to accept electronic transmission of lending-related forms, which could speed up the lending process by days.


Ethics Isn't the Only Reason to Rethink Sales Rewards


Banks should focus on strategies to ensure their sales incentives programs actually help drive profits. Otherwise, their rewards programs are at risk of adding zero benefit to their bottom line.


Why Making Yourself Uncomfortable Matters


Marva Smalls has gotten comfortable with being uncomfortable throughout her career, and she advises others to do the same, particularly aspiring leaders.


Wells Fargo's Sales Strategy: Good Intentions Gone Bad


The latest tale of wrongdoing tied to the financial services industry is the outcome of a smart customer-centered strategy that went awry. Now, bank customers will ultimately suffer the most.


'We're Not Wells Fargo' Won't Cut It with Regulators


Even if the cross-selling scandal is unique to Wells Fargo, banks nationwide will need to prepare for added regulatory scrutiny. Here's how.


The Business Case for Diversity


The demographics of our country are changing. If businesses arenÂ't figuring out a way to change, too, they risk being left behind.