Need to move $1.6 billion? Bank of America has an app for that


This summer, an international electronics company completed a $1.6 billion payment by mobile phone, the biggest transaction ever on the bank's CashPro app, according to Bank of America.


Bank earnings season begins; more payments companies quit Facebook’s Libra


Consumer banking is expected to offset the banks’ underperforming Wall Street units; the defections of Visa, Mastercard and Stripe threaten the cyrpto project’s viability before it starts.


Freddie Mac launches mortgage data app for lenders


The mortgage industry has put more emphasis on organizing data in a digital manner and presenting it in an easily digestible format.


PNC’s indie incubator surfaces with two projects


The bank's innovation arm is developing a mobile-only account for gig-economy workers, and a real estate service to help companies analyze the long-term viability of properties.


Fintech aims to resolve bank infighting over robo assets


Despite the growth of digital advice, there's resistance to the business inside banks because of internal politics and a lack of data sharing, the company's CEO says.


Digit savings app drops fee for instant overdraft protection


The San Francisco-based fintech is using JPMorgan Chase’s real-time payments service to power the updated overdraft prevention tool.


Cure for banking app fatigue: Make things simpler


Banks are discovering that streamlining mobile apps and websites goes a long way toward improving customer satisfaction.


Why mobile onboarding is such a turnoff


Banks can fine-tune their apps so the customer doesn't give up halfway through a cumbersome sign-up process.


Facebook, fintech velocity, race for deposits: Digital Banking's big ideas


Facebook's plans to launch its Libra cryptocurrency dominated much of the discussion at American Banker's Digital Banking conference last week, but attendees also debated what big tech company might strike next and what future digital innovations are in store.


Chime reports big user growth, but rival Varo questions numbers


The CEO of the digital-only bank Chime says it has quadrupled its membership in a year. So why doesn't his counterpart at Varo believe him?