Risk management

Culture problems? This AI can root them out


Banks are using Receptiviti’s software to find signs of stress, collusion and questionable sales practices among employees.


Deutsche Bank’s CFO: ‘We are taking our responsibilities seriously'


The German bank responds to an op-ed that criticized its restructuring.


Water shortages are becoming a banking problem


Recent studies offer a dire outlook for water levels in drought-prone states. Some banks are bracing for this risk with changes to underwriting of real-estate-related loans.


Beware the privacy risks that come with a crypto venture


The Financial Action Task Force’s recent guidance on data privacy regulations should serve as a warning to companies planning to test virtual currencies.


Two D.C. firms that have ear of bank execs form alliance


Treliant and Federal Financial Analytics have established a one-stop shop to guide financial institutions through uncertain business and policy times.


Could there ever be negative long-term mortgage rates in the U.S.?


The potential for negative long-term mortgage rates is surfacing around the world, and with global tensions building in the U.S. market, there's a small but growing chance it could happen here, too.


Yodlee accused of stealing credit tech


FinApps has filed a lawsuit that claims the data aggregator swiped its proprietary credit risk software while the two did business together.


JPMorgan, Citi among banks facing $1 billion FX-rigging suit


It’s the latest development in a foreign-exchange-related case that has triggered regulatory probes around the world, and it's one of the first cases to be brought under 2015 U.K. legislation that paves the way for U.S.-style class actions.


Despite cuts, Wells Fargo is still spending too much


The bank has been slashing expenses, but executives acknowledged they remain high. Between having to hire thousands of compliance employees and waiting on the next CEO to be named, investments in new technology or other long-term growth are limited.


Lending to nonbank lenders is growing — maybe too much


Loans to other financial firms have soared in recent years, and many are going to private equity or business development firms that then use the funds to make leveraged loans. Should regulators be worried?