Risk management

FHFA's Calabria talks GSE footprint, coordination with other agencies


The regulator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac discussed steps the companies have already taken to limit their risk, as well as efforts to prevent housing market “overlap” with the FHA.


The risk lurking in banks' car loan portfolios


While demand is strong and loan performance generally remains solid, the prevalence of longer loan terms has sparked concern that losses will eventually spike.


Cut the derivatives business some slack


Federal regulators should amend a capital buffer requirements for certain derivatives to avoid economic damage.


It's not enough to fix the de novo application process


Even with the FDIC actively encouraging groups to start banks, challenges like raising capital and low interest rates make it tough.


Bank of America's AI approach: 'Productive paranoia'


A thorough process for approving experiments with artificial intelligence, clear philosophical principles and diverse human involvement are some of the ways BofA says it's working to ensure AI does no harm.


Dear banker: It ain’t easy being a regulator


Banks need to understand that examiners' job is to call it like they see it.


Are Trump’s Fed tweets working?; repo turmoil may be here to stay


A research paper says the president’s constant criticisms are driving Fed policy, directly or indirectly; the huge demand by banks for cash may be the result of tougher regulations.


How serious is Crapo about getting pot banking bill across finish line?


The Banking Committee chairman's comments have advanced legislative efforts, but questions remain about where he'll take the issue.


Culture problems? This AI can root them out


Banks are using Receptiviti’s software to find signs of stress, collusion and questionable sales practices among employees.


Deutsche Bank’s CFO: ‘We are taking our responsibilities seriously'


The German bank responds to an op-ed that criticized its restructuring.