Credit card payoff product launched by two startups


Happy Money and Arcus have joined a pack of fintechs and online lenders urging customers to forego expensive credit card debt, in this case calling it a "sad spend."


Savings app company Digit plucks first operating chief from Yelp


The company’s first COO, Vishwas Prabhakara, is hoping to help the automated savings app startup build scale.


Walmart's pay-advance app Even used by 200,000 employees


About 15% of Walmart’s workforce is budgeting and taking pay advances through the app.


What kind of bank does the gig economy want?


Founders of the startup digital bank Cogni say they have the formula for reaching Uber drivers and the like, but observers warn it's a group that won't be easily won over.


Capital One restricts third-party data access, upsets customers


Capital One Financial Corp. is limiting how account data flows to outside apps for managing finances, prompting a backlash from the bank’s customers who say they have been locked out of their own information.


Are black millennials a blind spot for fintech firms?


Startups such as BREAUX Capital are trying to reach consumers historically underserved and underrepresented in financial services.


Fintech execs to old-guard banks: Step aside


Big banks and wealth managers are unwilling to sacrifice fee income and make other changes to catch up with their customers' digital demands, fintech leaders said.


JPMorgan lab helps fintechs with firsthand knowledge of underserved


The bank’s joint initiative with CFSI awards capital to firms trying to address issues that the startup teams personally experienced.


What a homegrown app for millennials has taught Wells Fargo


The bank found that mixing personal finance management with positive reinforcement allowed them to appeal to younger customers.


Yodlee’s data ambitions grow with AI tools and millennial apps


Envestnet's aggregator rolls out PFM features meant to appeal to younger clients — and links to Alexa.