Wells, JPM go mobile-only in pursuit of millennials


The banks' newest offerings hope to attract young clients and keep them there for life. But they face stiff competition.


Startup Douugh teams with small bank to launch 'smart' checking account


The fintech is partnering with Choice Financial in North Dakota to create a Douugh-branded checking account and debit card that will prominently feature an AI-based virtual assistant named Sophie.


An app that could deal a fresh blow to payday lenders


Letting employees decide when they get paid through a mobile app that connects to a bank's prepaid card can serve the same purpose as a payday loan but cost the consumer less.


Will JPM’s millennial-app experiment grant access to new markets?


Catering to young clients, Finn by Chase blends instant account access, emojis and PFM tools.


Microinvestor steps into neobanking clique


Stash is the latest young fintech to pair debit and savings products with financial advice as it competes for millennial clients.


Digital banking priority: Make it personal


Banks such as Citigroup, Regions and TD have decided they need to offer mobile customers truly customized experiences. They are experimenting with different ways of doing so that come across as helpful without being intrusive.


Five questions for U.S. Bancorp’s new head of consumer banking


Tim Welsh has spent his first two months on the job thinking about how to make U.S. Bank as central to consumers’ lives as Amazon, develop new personal financial management services, and expand into new cities.


RBC’s stab at fixing what’s broken in personal financial management


Separate apps for banking and PFM are too much for most customers to handle, so the Canadian bank is adding automated advice and savings to mobile banking — and it’s relying on artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to make it all work.


Debit cards, a trillion in debt, and millennials: What could go wrong?


It sounds like a crazy mix, but Fifth Third says its new app would help young consumers round up debit card purchases and apply the money to their burdensome student debts. The motivation to attract millennials is clear, but will it work?


How a bank bet on fintech for its digital reboot


First Tennessee took a leap of faith to hire a young digital services company for its overhaul of mobile and online operations, and it says its decision has paid off.