JPMorgan Chase plans to let mobile customers scan in their receipts


The company is partnering with Sensibill, a fintech whose technology turns photos of receipts into text and helps people track and manage their expenses.


Quicken launches Simplifi money management app for millennials, Gen Z


Thirty-seven years after the release of Quicken desktop software, the company is launching a streamlined app to reach a new demographic.


The rise of the invisible bank


Digital banking will become less visible because it will be embedded in other daily activities with the help of AI, voice interfaces and other emerging technologies.


Subscription killer Truebill readies three banking products


Originally formed to help consumers spot recurring charges, Truebill is adding banking and financial management features to its app.


The trouble with banks' personal finance tools


Adoption of money management instruments offered by banks remains low. One expert explains why.


Online bank's hub strategy borrows from across the pond


Radius Bank in Boston is adding insurers, personal loan providers and wealth management to its platform, copying a playbook popularized in Europe.


Bank vendors hungry for small-business analytics


Jack Henry's acquisition of Geezeo and NCR's purchase of D3 Technology are fueling predictions that more small-business data firms will be takeover targets for legacy techs trying to court small bank and credit union customers.


Chime reports big user growth, but rival Varo questions numbers


The CEO of the digital-only bank Chime says it has quadrupled its membership in a year. So why doesn't his counterpart at Varo believe him?


JPMorgan Chase to give $125M to global financial health programs


The total includes donations to community groups helping low-income people, support for the development of financial coaching programs and investment in the creation and testing of fintech tools that can help underserved people.


Can this app help small banks attract millennial savers?


Plinqit, led by a former banker, was developed specifically for community banks as a way to appeal to young customers.