JPMorgan Chase to give $125M to global financial health programs


The total includes donations to community groups helping low-income people, support for the development of financial coaching programs and investment in the creation and testing of fintech tools that can help underserved people.


Can this app help small banks attract millennial savers?


Plinqit, led by a former banker, was developed specifically for community banks as a way to appeal to young customers.


After JPMorgan Twitter bungle, how should banks talk about personal finance?


When a tweet drew backlash from customers and politicians on Monday, it brought into question how banks should couch their messages on social media.


How BBVA overhauled its mobile banking app


Alex Carriles, who runs mobile, online and digital accounts at BBVA Compass, describes how updates like account aggregation and expense analysis have helped increase use of its app.


Bank of America aims to be ‘mission control’ for digital banking customers


David Tyrie, the bank’s new head of digital banking, shares plans to offer customers constant course corrections and its new Life Plan product, and the latest on the virtual assistant Erica.


Small core providers see de novos as a ‘land grab’ opportunity


Alternative providers like courting new banks. De novos like the modern features many alternative providers offer upfront.


How 6 million Bank of America customers are using Erica


The most popular features of the AI-driven virtual assistant include transaction search and spending alerts.


The app that stashes savings in a ‘money jail’


Fifth Third is helping consumers — and millennials in particular — save for big-ticket purchases with a new tool that squirrels away small sums into an account that can’t be immediately accessed.


Yodlee acquires conversational AI startup


The data aggregator has purchased Abe AI and plans to use the artificial intelligence firm's technology in a host of applications.


Huntington building AI into digital advice tools


Its savings, budgeting, spending and goal-setting tools, combined with artificial intelligence to add smart insights and advice, are a good example of how regional banks are trying to distinguish their mobile products from those of bigger banks with larger tech budgets.