Banklike credit unions should follow bank rules


As large credit unions look to expand under NCUA’s new field of membership rule, they should be required to comply with additional bank rules.


Amid battle with bankers, NCUA doubles down on FOM reform


The National Credit Union Administration is set to vote on revisions to its field-of-membership rule, even as it's entangled in a legal dispute with the American Bankers Association over the rule.


ABA counters NCUA’s field of membership appeal with one of its own


Bankers hope to claw back even more of the agency's rule rather than merely defend their partial victory in the judge's original split decision.


McWatters' CFPB bid hasn't even been announced. Is it already in trouble?


A recent Washington Post investigation revealed that J. Mark McWatters runs the National Credit Union Administration from his home in Dallas, raising questions about his being tapped to head the consumer agency.


White House looks to extend Mulvaney's CFPB tenure


The administration is prolonging a decision on a permanent director for the agency to keep the interim chief in place until year-end or longer.


Credit unions vs. banks: How we got here


Banks and credit unions have been fighting each other so long that many have forgotten how the feud started and why it may matter to the future of both industries.


Do credit unions still warrant a tax exemption?


A bombshell letter from a prominent senator and a court ruling criticizing credit unions’ interpretation of “field of membership” have bankers hopeful that Congress may finally be willing to examine the public-policy purpose of the Depression-era tax break.


NCUA’s Metsger hammers federal judge’s field-of-membership ruling


National Credit Union Administration Board Member Rick Metsger says a federal judge overstepped the court's bounds when striking down portions of the agency's field-of-membership rule, but stopped short of saying the regulator planned to appeal the decision.


Credit unions face risks if NCUA appeals field of membership ruling


If the National Credit Union Administration appeals a judge's decision against part of its rule, it could help the ABA potentially upend other provisions.


Judge’s ruling a mixed bag for banks, credit unions


A federal judge struck down two provisions of the NCUA's field-of membership rule, while upholding two others.