What is Mark McWatters’ legacy at NCUA?


The former chairman of the National Credit Union Administration served at the agency during a crucial time for regulatory reform and credit union growth, though his tenure also had its share of scandals.


Regulators issue guidance on AML enforcement actions


The federal banking agencies clarified that minor violations of Bank Secrecy Act rules will typically not result in a cease-and-desist order.


Latest NCUA board nominee clears Senate Banking Committee


Kyle Hauptman is not likely to be confirmed to the National Credit Union Administration board until after Labor Day, though the regulator is not scheduled to meet again until mid-September.


Prominent credit union blogger shares final post


Keith Leggett, a former economist at the American Bankers Association, has overseen Credit Union Watch since 2009.


Nobody likes credit union regulator’s debt plan


A proposal to expand credit unions’ access to subordinated debt drew plenty of fire from bankers, but there are also concerns the regulation could be problematic for the institutions it aims to help.


NCUA is a bipartisan agency. It's time it acted like one.


The credit union regulator can accomplish so much more when board members work in a good-faith, fair-minded manner.


Eliminating field of membership enables credit unions' money grab


Jim Nussle, CEO of the Credit Union National Association, recently argued that Congress should do away entirely with FOM requirements. Such a move would further favor credit unions over banks.


Supreme Court won't hear bankers' appeal in credit union membership suit


The court's decision not to consider an appeal from the American Bankers Association is likely to be the last step in a legal saga dating back to 2016.


Regulators update Volcker, swaps and rate-cap rules


Five financial regulatory agencies clarified the meaning of "covered funds" under the Volcker Rule. Meanwhile, the FDIC gave certain banks more flexibility in interaffiliate exchanges of swaps and adopted a workaround of a court decision governing interest rates on loans sold across state lines.


NCUA’s new low-income definition will benefit military, not credit unions


Bankers’ criticism that the expanded designation would bolster the largest credit unions is misguided.