‘Everyone’ is the wrong way to define CU members


Expanding the definition of a credit union's "common bond" so that it is essentially meaningless appears to be the direction the industry and its regulator are headed.


NCUA chief to Cordray: Drop CFPB oversight for big CUs


National Credit Union Administration Chairman J. Mark McWatters said dropping Consumer Financial Protection Bureau oversight of credit unions would free up CFPB resources.


CU trades jointly file amicus brief supporting FOM rule


The brief supporting field of membership expansion – in the face of a lawsuit by the American Bankers Association – is a sign of continued collaboration between CUNA and NAFCU.


ICBA backs lawsuit challenging credit union membership rule


The trade group filed a brief backing an effort by the American Bankers Association to push back against the NCUA's planned revisions to field-of-membership regulation.


'The CFPB is simply not listening,' credit union group says


Credit unions continue to press the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for regulatory relief, arguing that existing exemptions have not gone far enough.


Regulators issue guide to boost availability of appraisers


Financial regulators issued joint guidance on Wednesday highlighting the availability of cross-state appraiser licensing agreements.


Bankers would envy proposed appeals process for credit unions


The NCUA aims to give credit unions access to in-person hearings with its governing board. Such an opportunity is lacking at federal bank regulators.


Give credit unions carve-out from CFPB? NCUA says ‘yes’


In a rare move, the credit union regulator is asking the CFPB for exemptions for credit unions from expanded HMDA requirements and unfair and deceptive acts authority.


Halt credit union alternative capital plan, banking groups urge


Federal regulators are early in the process of deciding whether to broaden credit unions' access to capital markets, but banking lobbyists have seen enough to argue that it would let credit unions skirt business-lending limits.


Banker suit to slow credit union expansion may be doing opposite


The trade association's lawsuit challenging new field-of-membership rules may have the opposite effect, as more credit unions consider expansion before the litigation is resolved.