NCUA’s appraisal plan ignores lessons of last crisis


The credit union regulator’s proposal to raise the threshold for home-sale appraisals to $1 million could introduce more risk into the financial system, particularly if bank regulators follow suit.


Credit union, bank groups trade shots over CFPB supervision of big CUs


A proposal to give the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau jurisdiction over credit unions with $10 billion or more of assets has sparked a war of words between the longtime foes.


Government pushing to spur more business loans by credit unions


The National Credit Union Administration and the Small Business Administration have established a program to boost SBA lending by credit unions, which was very light last year. It is sure to irk bankers, who have raised competitive concerns.


A credit union's 'troubling' capital plan


The NCUA is letting Union Yes in California raise capital by turning to temporary funding sources, which banks have complained is an example of the regulator's overreach.


Banks, credit unions trade blows in court on field of membership


While NCUA lawyers fielded questions about the possibility of redlining, a three-judge appeals panel showed skepticism about other elements of the ABA's arguments against changes to credit union membership rules


Is credit union regulator's field-of-membership appeal already in trouble?


Last-minute arguments from the American Bankers Association have put the National Credit Union Administration on the back foot in advance of an appeal hearing more than a year in the works.


How this bank beat the odds to snag credit union assets


Alliance Bank Central Texas may have found a way around National Credit Union Administration regulations that make it difficult for banks to buy credit unions.


Will banks turn the tables and buy credit unions?


More than 20 banks have been sold to credit unions. A prominent banking lawyer made the case at this year's ICBA convention that banks can become more aggressive acquirers.


Will big banks' suit against NCUA be a bust?


Several megabanks have sued the National Credit Union Administration claiming breach of settlement in a previous case related to mortgage-backed securities, but trends may favor the agency.


Senate panel advances nominees for FHFA, NCUA


If confirmed to lead the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Mark Calabria would have a central role in any efforts to reform the government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac