Regulators exempt community banks from Volcker rule


Bank regulators finalized a proposal to exclude small institutions from the proprietary trading ban, as required by last year’s reg relief bill.


It’s time to reconsider job applicants with criminal records


Credit unions and the rest of the financial services sector, in the spirit of recent criminal justice reform, should be more open to hiring workers with low-level criminal convictions.


Credit unions get reprieve (again) on capital rule. Bankers jeer


The NCUA proposed Thursday to put off until 2022 implementation of a rule that would require larger credit unions to hold more risk-based capital.


Credit union courts nonmember deposits (and trouble with banks)


Freedom Northwest in Idaho hopes a proposal from the NCUA will help it bring in more deposits to fund a fast-growing mortgage business. Banks are crying foul.


Credit union shopping spree funded by taxpayers


As credit unions buy up community banks, policymakers should take another look at ending the industry’s tax exemption and regulatory breaks.


'One less Cordray disciple in the Swamp': Comments of the week


Readers weigh in on the role of the Financial Accounting Standards Board, consider personnel changes at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, debate the viability of public banks and more.


NCUA appraisal plan is far from risky


The credit union regulator’s proposal to raise the appraisal threshold for nonresidential real estate loans won’t harm the economy or consumers, contrary to critics’ claims.


NCUA’s appraisal plan ignores lessons of last crisis


The credit union regulator’s proposal to raise the threshold for home-sale appraisals to $1 million could introduce more risk into the financial system, particularly if bank regulators follow suit.


Credit union, bank groups trade shots over CFPB supervision of big CUs


A proposal to give the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau jurisdiction over credit unions with $10 billion or more of assets has sparked a war of words between the longtime foes.


Government pushing to spur more business loans by credit unions


The National Credit Union Administration and the Small Business Administration have established a program to boost SBA lending by credit unions, which was very light last year. It is sure to irk bankers, who have raised competitive concerns.