NCUA's capital proposal could irk banks and credit unions alike


The National Credit Union Administration plans to unveil new capital proposals on Thursday. It's a given that bankers won't like them, but credit unions could also find themselves disappointed.


Bill would aid New York cabbies who can't make loan payments


Federal legislation introduced this week by Rep. Gregory Meeks, D-N.Y., would ensure that taxi drivers don't get taxed on medallion debt that gets forgiven. The bill dovetails with a debt forgiveness plan under development in New York, where hundreds of drivers have filed for bankruptcy.


House passes bills to require more reports from bank regulators


Lawmakers advanced legislation that would require banking regulators to give annual testimony to lawmakers and would mandate regular reports on cybersecurity efforts.


NCUA a day late and a dollar short after delaying capital rule


It's long past time for the National Credit Union Administration to implement a risk-based capital standard, and the recently approved delay could hurt more than it helps.


Bankers may turn to Supreme Court in credit union membership suit


An appeals court on Thursday denied bank groups an en banc hearing from all 11 appellate judges, but bankers said Friday that they're considering turning to the Supreme Court.


NCUA approves budget, delays capital plan. No one's happy.


The National Credit Union Administration board signed off on a controversial budget, and it delayed its risk-based capital rule to buy itself time amid complaints by bankers.


Bankers give NCUA an earful over revamped membership proposal


More than 50 banks and banking groups responded to the National Credit Union Administration's call for public comment as it attempts to explain why a new field of membership provision won't permit redlining.


NCUA follows bank regulators’ lead on home appraisals


A new National Credit Union Administration proposal would raise the threshold for residential mortgages that require appraisals. However, the final rule is by no means a done deal.


Now that script's been flipped, will more banks buy credit unions?


An Indiana bank is looking to complete the first outright purchase of a credit union since the financial crisis. Though hurdles exist, some industry observers say more such deals are doable.


NCUA's Harper: Large credit unions need more oversight


The National Credit Union Administration board member is requesting comment on a proposal to create new consumer compliance measures for "large, complex credit unions."