Repealing brokered deposit law would be a costly mistake


Congress and the FDIC are considering easing limits on banks' holdings of such deposits, a move that could inadvertently lead to more expensive failures.


No, CLOs will not cause the next banking crisis


An article in The Atlantic warning that collateralized loan obligations will be banks’ next downfall overestimates the risk of these securities.


Small change is becoming a big problem for banks


At a congressional hearing, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell discussed steps to get the flow of coins to financial institutions back to pre-pandemic levels, as well as ways to ease other industry burdens.


Fed urged to widen eligibility for pandemic loan programs


Members of both parties raised concerns that the requirements for participating in the Municipal Liquidity Facility and Main Street Lending Program are too restrictive to benefit smaller localities and certain midsize firms.


The reasons some banks have a hard stop on PPP lending


Many lenders are paying close attention to liquidity and capital ratios. Others are trying to avoid overtaxing employees who process, service and handle forgiveness of the loans.


4 takeaways from Senate grilling of Mnuchin, Powell on relief plans


Members of the Banking Committee pressed the Treasury secretary and Fed chief to ensure CARES Act funds are deployed as Congress intended. They also debated the need for more stimulus to ease the economic effects of the coronavirus.


FDIC tool to prevent bank runs goes unused vs. coronavirus


Congress authorized the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. to intervene if the pandemic caused a liquidity scare, but nearly two months later deposits are through the roof and the agency has not acted on the expanded authority.


Fed can do only so much to limit pandemic's economic hit: Powell


The head of the U.S. central bank said its emergency credit programs were not designed to prop businesses up over the long term.


Cheat sheet: 8 ways Fed is using emergency powers to counter pandemic


The central bank’s programs announced since mid-April in response to the coronavirus outbreak match if not exceed the actions it took during the 2007-9 financial crisis.


Fed's Powell: More stimulus needed from Congress


The Federal Reserve chairman pledged to use every tool at the central bank's disposal to limit the economic fallout from the coronavirus and urged lawmakers to take further action.