Lenders wary as Fed's PPP facility nears deadline


A big funding source for the Paycheck Protection Program is set to expire on March 31. Its demise would pinch nonbanks that are originating and buying loans, especially if Congress continues the PPP beyond this month.


Deposit glut weighs on regional banks


Harris Simmons of Zions Bancorp. warned that excess deposits could suppress loan demand and pose an inflation threat, while Darren King of M&T tried to reassure investors that deposits will be less volatile than some fear once the economy improves.


Managing excess liquidity getting tougher for banks


Comerica, Citizens Financial and other companies are buying up securities, paying off high-cost borrowing and trying to develop specialty lending niches. But loan growth remains weak, and the likelihood of extreme volatility in deposits makes it hard to plan ahead.


Deposit glut ties Regions' hands


Deposits are soaring while loan demand lags and mortgage-backed securities offer weak returns. So the Alabama company has parked loads of cash at the Fed in hopes the economy will pick up steam before profit margins suffer.


Credit unions get their wish with extension of CLF changes


Provisions implemented under the CARES Act that made it easier for institutions to utilize NCUA's Central Liquidity Facility have been extended for a year with the signing of Consolidated Appropriations Act.


A race against the clock to extend credit unions' liquidity backstop


Thousands of institutions could lose a safety net on New Year's Day if Congress fails to act before leaving for the holidays.


Fed to return lending-backstop funds to Treasury as requested


The move comes a day after the Federal Reserve had balked at the Treasury Department's demand that it return funds meant for pandemic relief that have so far gone unused.


Congress splits along party lines over move to end Fed facilities


Democrats called the decision by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin "misguided," arguing that it's too soon to shutter the Federal Reserve's emergency-lending programs. Republicans say the programs have run their course and should expire a the end of the year.


Shadow lenders poised to get tougher rules in global crackdown


Global regulators are preparing to tighten restrictions on companies believed to have threatened the financial system at the height of pandemic-fueled volatility.


NCUA's Hood to Senate panel: Extend CARES Act provisions for credit unions


The chairman of the National Credit Union Administration said during his limited time in a Senate Banking Committee hearing that he hoped changes to the agency's Central Liquidity Facility would last for the duration of the pandemic.