What else can the Fed do to blunt coronavirus impact?


The Federal Reserve's support for the commercial paper market made clear that it was willing to go beyond cutting interest rates, but the central bank may feel pressure to do even more as the crisis worsens.


Fed pledges more than $500 billion to keep funding markets calm


The central bank is trying to get ahead of possible funding disruptions caused by the coronavirus. Policymakers want to avert a repeat of September, when short-term borrowing costs spiked amid imbalances in supply and demand for cash.


Should regulators close the door to new FHLB entrants, or open it wide?


An effort by the Federal Housing Finance Agency to examine membership rules for the Federal Home Loan Bank System is reigniting an argument over whether to allow more nonbanks in or impose tougher barriers.


Fed, FDIC extend comment period for input on Camels ratings


The two agencies have delayed the deadline for the public to respond to a request for information on the rating system used to score banks' overall health.


Repo blowup was fueled by big banks and hedge funds, BIS Says


The market was upended because the largest banks hold more liquid assets in Treasuries than at the Fed, limiting their ability to supply repo funding on short notice, according to a new analysis from the Bank for International Settlements.


BofA, IBM eye compliance in cloud for banks; Dimon seeks permanent liquidity fix


Service would help with compliance; JPM CEO sees more short-term lending rate spikes if no long-term solution implemented.


Scharf signals ‘sense of urgency’ at Wells; Europe weighs new AML agency


CEO tells employees he wants them to be 'impatient' in fixing the bank’s woes; the new independent body would police banks’ compliance with AML regulations.


Fed's Powell says revamp of capital, liquidity rules not under consideration


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Wednesday that he does not think revamping capital or liquidity requirements is necessary despite recent volatility in the repurchase markets.


Keys to small banks’ survival: One regulator’s view


Complaints that banks, credit unions and nonbanks compete on an uneven playing field should be heard, just as community banks must take seriously the threats from high-tech rivals, says Julie Stackhouse, a retiring supervision official at the St. Louis Fed.


Funding costs top small banks’ list of concerns


More community bankers now say that cost of funds, not regulatory expense, poses the biggest threat to profits, according to a new survey.