Elizabeth Warren

Sens. Warren, Brown call on regulators to oust Wells Fargo CEO Sloan


The Democrats are asking the OCC and the CFPB to use their authority to remove Tim Sloan, who became CEO in 2016.


Warren drops CRA mandate for credit unions as part of housing bill


The 2020 presidential hopeful removed the contentious provision from a previous version of the bill that had won praise from bankers but sparked fierce opposition from credit unions.


U.S. may probe Swedbank; Bramson’s tougher road to board


The U.S. embassy wants to meet with Sweden’s financial regulator over AML concerns; revelation that he borrowed to buy Barclays shares doesn’t sit well with others.


Democrats to Fed's Powell: Take hard look at BB&T-SunTrust deal


Lawmakers on the Senate Banking Committee pushed Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell for details about how he plans to review the proposed merger between the two regional banks.


Another political storm is brewing for big banks


The 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are far more emboldened to offer radical reforms to the financial system than their predecessors — reforms that could ultimately take hold if one of them wins.


Big, small banks have different ideas on how to fix pot banking


They all agree that legislation is needed, but the two approaches being offered are exposing tensions.


Future of big-bank M&A could hinge on 2020 election


Some have suggested the BB&T-SunTrust deal could spur similar ones, but prolonged M&A growth is hardly a sure thing in this political environment.


Warren questions Fed resolve on mergers after BB&T-SunTrust deal


“The board's record of summarily approving mergers raises doubts about whether it will serve as a meaningful check on this consolidation that creates a new too big to fail bank,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren said in a letter to the Fed.


House panel schedules long-awaited hearing on pot banking


The Feb. 13 hearing marks a turning point in long-running efforts in Washington to ease bankers' fears about serving the cannabis industry.


'Can it be that these people take themselves seriously?': Comments of the week


Readers weigh in on calls that regulators consider the financial risks from climate change, respond to Trump administration plans to overhaul the housing finance system, consider GOP strategy on the House Financial Services Committee and more.