Elizabeth Warren

Senate's Warren escalates her campaign against Wells Fargo's CEO


Sen. Elizabeth Warren is opening a new front in a campaign against a familiar foe — demanding that the Federal Reserve keep its restrictions on Wells Fargo until Chief Executive Officer Tim Sloan is removed.


Warren rebukes Comerica over fraud in benefits program


In hundreds of cases, the prepaid card program run by the bank allegedly sent users’ funds to fraudsters who had stolen their data. The security lapse has now caught the attention of the Democratic senator.


CRA, capital rules, reg relief: Regulators’ busy fall to-do list


The heavy workload is not limited to implementing the financial regulatory reform bill enacted last spring, as the agencies also work to craft reforms of the Community Reinvestment Act and adjust key capital measures for the biggest banks.


Most Powerful Women in Banking, tellers reimagined, growing deposits: Top stories of the week


Our 16th annual Most Powerful Women in Banking rankings; why Regions did away with teller jobs; small banks lagging in deposit share; and more from this week's most-read stories.


Inside Warren’s latest criticism of CFPB’s Mulvaney


American Banker's Kate Berry discusses recent events at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


Warren wades into CRA overhaul with revamp plan of her own


The senator’s bill to reform the 40-year-old law and expand housing investments could gain clout as Democrats look to pick up congressional seats and she eyes a presidential run.


CFPB chief's meeting with GOP donors may be illegal, Warren says


The Massachusetts senator said a private event where Mick Mulvaney briefed donors about the party’s midterm prospects may violate the Hatch Act.


In reg relief just as with Dodd-Frank, spotlight's trained on Fed


The central bank, which received broad authority after the crisis to supervise big banks, is expected to get more attention from lawmakers over its discretion to ease banks’ burden.


Two lawmakers urge CFPB, FTC to keep pressure on Equifax


Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Elijah Cummings have called for an update on probes into the credit reporting giant a year after its massive data breach came to the light.


D.C. was up in arms over Equifax breach — what happened?


Following news of the breach, congressional hearings for the company’s ex-CEO and other blowback were accompanied by legislative calls to action. But a year later, did policymakers do anything?