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Jordan E. Bublick is a Miami personal bankruptcy lawyer whose practice is limited to chapter 13 bankruptcy (reorganization of debt) and chapter 7 bankruptcy (discharge of debt). Jordan E. Bublick has over 25 years of experience in filing personal bankrupty cases and has filed over 8,000 bankruptcy cases.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Supreme Court Rules Debtor Entitled to Funds Remaining Upon Conversion of Chapter 13 Case

Acknowledging that the statutory language "does not say expressly" what should happen, the Supreme Court nevertheless ruled that undistributed funds held by the Chapter 13 trustee should be returned to the debtor following a conversion.   The Court described its result as "the most sensible reading of what Congress did provide."   Justice Ginsberg wrote the opinion for an unanimous Court.   Harris v. Viegelahn, No. 14-400 (5/18/15).

Postpetition Wages Held by Chapter 13 Trustee Belong to Debtor Upon Conversion


In case you haven't seen it, the SCOTUS issued its unanimous opinion in Harris today, holding that postpetition wages held by the Chapter 13 trustee at the time a case is converted to Chapter 7 must be returned to the debtor.


Stale Debts in Bankruptcy


Should liability under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) lie against a creditor who submits a proof of claim past the statute of limitations in a consumer bankruptcy case?


Energy Resources Remains Viable for Allocation of Tax Payments

Twenty-five years ago, the Supreme Court held that a Bankruptcy Court had the authority to order the IRS to allocate payments made "voluntarily" by a Debtor when necessary to effectuate a successful reorganization.    United States v. Energy Resources Co., 495 U.S.

Scarcity of Money? Or Time?


How is it that I never find the time to blog? My answer would be that I simply do not have the time. But of course I have the same hours in a day as my co-bloggers. I could argue that I have more demands on my time, but I know very well that we are all busy. Scarcity, a book by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir, has many lessons for busy people, including those of us who are busy thinking about the difficulties faced by people who have a scarcity of income or disposable income after debt. 


When Not to File for Bankruptcy - 12 More Examples


chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney11. Eviction - to buy a few more days  
1. Urban Legend - doing it inappropriately because "everybody at work did it"


When Not to File for Bankruptcy


Filing for bankruptcy is actually a very serious step and, unless properly approached, may lead to unfortunate consequences. Bankruptcy is filed in a U.S Bankruptcy Court - a Court that actually has so much power that it can actually stop the U.S. Supreme Court from acting - let alone virtually almost all Court in the entire United States  and in theory possibly any Court in the world.


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