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Debt Blue or Bankruptcy Which is Better?


Debt Blue Debt Settlement or Bankruptcy: Which is Better?   Blog on Debt Blue Robert Paid them $23673.00 18 month Settled Chase $10,496 and Chase $9719

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The Wells Fargo Home Projects Card and Chapter 13


The Wells Fargo Home Projects Card and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy The Wells Fargo Home Projects Card is issued differently than most credit cards. As far as I can tell, they don’t market it directly to consumers. Instead, they get home improvement businesses to sign people up. That way Wells Fargo finances the home improvement and […]


Consumer Bankruptcy, Done Correctly, To Help Struggling Americans


Today, Senator Elizabeth Warren unveiled her new plan to reform the consumer bankruptcy system. The plan is simple, yet elegant. It is based on actual data and research (including some of my own with Consumer Bankruptcy Project co-investigators Slipster Bob Lawless, former Slipster, now Congresswoman Katie Porter, and former Slipster Debb Thorne).


Supreme Court Grants Cert To Decide Fate of Repossessed Cars in Bankruptcy


Yesterday, the SCOTUS granted certiorari in City of Chicago v. Fulton, 19-357, to resolve a circuit split about whether a creditor's inaction in not returning property repossessed pre-petition can violate the automatic stay. The split arises predominately from chapter 13 cases in which, pre-petition, creditors repossessed or cities impounded debtors' cars.


Small Biz Reorg Act Sleeper Innovations


Two aspects of the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 intrigued me as I looked more closely at this important new twist on Chapter 11 for the other 99%.


There's Still Time to Register for NCBJ 2019


The National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges' annual conference is happening soon – Wednesday, October 30 through Saturday, November 2. I'm delighted to be part of this year's education committee. The 2019 conference features some panels that include Slipsters and touch on Slipsters' research. (If you're thinking of attending, "semi early bird" registration, with its lower costs, ends at the end of September.)


Seventh Circuit Smackdown of City of Chicago


The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals this week released its opinion in In re Fulton, the highly anticipated consolidated appeal of four Chapter 13 cases involving debtors whose cars had been impounded.


Access to Justice, Consumer Bankruptcy Edition


The Great Recession, the CFPB's creation, the rise of debt buying, changes in the debt collection industry, and advances in data collection have encouraged more research recently into issues of access to justice in the context of consumer law and consumer bankruptcy.