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Denial Of Chapter 13 Discharge for Potential Future Debts.


One hard and fast rule in Bankruptcy is that debts and claims are “set in stone” as of the petition date, or perhaps post-petition if added to the Chapter 13 plan.  Bankruptcy Courts and Trustees do not normally police potential debts that may come up later.  There are some exceptions to the general rule, and a Texas Bankruptcy Court addressed one of them recently.


What is the Secret to Making Your Chapter 13 Plan Work?



After 25+ years representing hardworking but financially struggling men and women in the Atlanta area, I can report to you that the #1 secret to surviving Chapter 13 is living below your means. This can mean you have to make some difficult choices.


Relief From Your 72 Month Car Loan


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Southern District of Texas Takes Itself to Task for Failure to Follow Chapter 13 Rules

In an unusual collaborative proceeding initiated by two judges from the Southern District of Texas and concluded by a third, the Court has taken the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee to task for following the guidance of the former judge and has effectively judged the system guilty.   The opinion exposes an apparent rift between the current and former judges of the district and demonstrates an activist approach to problem solving by the judiciary.     Misc. Case No.

Chapter 13 Debt Limits Apply Equally To Individual and Joint Cases, Says Judge Sacca


In In re Pete, Ch. 13 Case No. 15-63725-JRS, 2015 WL 8540438 (Bankr. N.D. Ga. Dec.


Who "Presides" over Chapter 13 Plan Confirmation Hearings?


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