chapter 13

New Chapter 13 Debt Ceilings


The debt ceilings for Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings are increasing effective April 1, 2013. The new limits are approximately $,150,000 for secured debts and approximately $383,000 of unsecured debts.


Military Pay And The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Test


Military Debt

The City of New Orleans, where I practice as a consumer bankruptcy attorney, is home to all branches of the United States Armed Forces.


Should You Apologize For Filing Bankruptcy?


Apologize For Filing Bankruptcy?  Never!

Sometimes academics who study a subject lose the forests for trees. In the process, they perpetuate stereotypes that have no basis in fact.   And sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


Bankrupt: Girls Gone Wild?



Don’t click on the Girls Gone Wild (herienafter, GGW) link unless you are ready to view X rated material.

Which, they supposedly get for free, so, why file bankruptcy?


Debtor May Strip Unsecured HOA Lien Off Homestead


Debtors living in homes with upside down mortgages can strip their second mortgages off their homestead in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy when their home is worth less than the first mortgage balance. What if the debtor does not have a second mortgage but owes his HOA dues and assessments incurred prior to bankruptcy, and the HOA has recorded a lien to secure repayment.


Mortgagee’s Misapplication of Plan Payments not Tortious


By: Benjamin Yeamans

St. John’s Law Student


Have You Already Gone Over the Fiscal Cliff?


The United States will go over the fiscal cliff tomorrow if Congress cannot come up with at least a short term solution. But what about us? Many of us have already gone over our fiscal cliff.  Even if Congress finds a way to avoid the country going over the cliff, it is unlikely they will help the rest of us solve our financial distress.