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Rats! I need a new car and I’m stuck in Chapter 13


Do You Need to Finance a Car in Chapter 13? The last thing you want to do is get further into debt while you are in Chapter 13.  (The goal of Chapter 13 is to get out of debt.)  But sometimes you need to replace a broken down junker. So, you need financing for a […]


Chapter 13 Payment Information


Here’s How You Can Make Your Chapter 13 Payments in the Alexandria VA Bankruptcy Court The bankruptcy law tells you to make your first Chapter 13 payment one month after your bankruptcy case is filed.  If you forget, or bounce, your first payment, the Chapter 13 trustee can dismiss your case. (That means DO NOT […]


Paying Your Mortgage with Money Order is a Bad Idea


Paying Your Mortgage with Money Orders is a Bad Idea Handing somebody a money order to buy a car or something–that’s sometimes safer than cash.  But mailing a money order to pay your mortgage–that’s almost always a bad idea. Let me tell you about Norman.  Norman filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy with different lawyer.  He later […]


Postpetition Asset Sales in Chapter 13s--Modification, Not Estate Property


Debtors selling houses during a chapter 13 continues to cause conceptual problems for the courts. A recent decision, In re Marsh, from Judge Fenimore in Kansas City is an example. (Hat tip to Bill Rochelle for flagging this decision in his DailyWire column from the American Bankruptcy Institute ($).


Once Up an Time: A Chapter 13 Story


Once up a time: Widow Anna saves her house and clears her debt with Chapter 13. Once up a time, an elderly widow named Anna needed to replace the HVAC in her townhouse. Her air conditioning broke down and she needed to fix it. Anna was poor.  She had $1404 monthly from her retirement and […]


Chapter 13 and Tax Relief for Seniors Save Marian’s House


Marian Saves Her House from Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure: She Filed Chapter 13 and Got Fairfax Senior Citizen Tax Relief Before her husband died, Marian had taken out a reverse mortgage on her home. That way, they hoped, she wouldn’t have a house payment and she’d never have to worry about having a place to live. […]


We knock out Dyck-O’Neal, Save Lonnie’s Clearance and his Family Home Place


We knock out Dyck-O’Neal, Save Lonnie’s Clearance and his Family Home Place Lonnie was about to lose his federal job. His clearance review showed he owed Dyck-O’Neal $127,153 from a foreclosure deficiency. He needed to take care of that. Or he’ll lose his clearance and his job. Obviously he didn’t have $127,153.  And when we […]


Linda Pays through Beyond Finance and Gets Garnished


Linda Pays Mariner $6113 through Beyond Finance. Then She Gets Garnished Linda Cash (not her real name) wanted to clear her debts without filing bankruptcy. As an alternative to bankruptcy, she signed up for Beyond Finance. Linda needed Beyond Finance to help her with Mariner. (She originally borrowed $5383, got behind, and now owed Mariner […]


Debt Blue or Bankruptcy Which is Better?


Debt Blue Debt Settlement or Bankruptcy: Which is Better?   Blog on Debt Blue Robert Paid them $23673.00 18 month Settled Chase $10,496 and Chase $9719

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