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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Kaiteur Airways IncNew York Eastern1:23-bk-40332701/31/2023
New Island Development, LLCNew York Eastern8:22-bk-71630707/05/2022
Useful Taxi, LLCNew York Eastern1:23-bk-401101101/13/2023
IGI Restaurant, IncNew York Eastern1:20-bk-402561101/15/202008/13/2020Dismissed for Other Reason 07/28/2020
Real Properties of NY LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-412491106/02/2022
MAJOSTAN CORP.New York Eastern1:23-bk-403311101/31/2023
Park Place Realty Ventures 2 LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-431771112/22/2022
146 Ross LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-40818704/21/2022
222 Westervelt Ave LLCNew York Eastern1:23-bk-402601101/26/2023
1876 Bleecker St IncNew York Eastern1:22-bk-42381709/28/2022
LGID NY LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-431711112/21/2022
Jericho Equity Group, LTDNew York Eastern8:22-bk-706391104/04/2022
Gratitude Migration Inc.New York Eastern1:18-bk-40167701/11/2018
Compass 346 LLCNew York Eastern8:23-bk-70251701/23/2023
Cornell West 34 Holder LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-418881108/03/2022
East Atlantic Development IncNew York Eastern8:23-bk-70272701/25/2023
LW Retail Associates LLCNew York Eastern1:17-bk-451891110/05/2017
71 Wellcrow IncNew York Eastern8:23-bk-70278701/25/2023
Jericho 135 Realty CorpNew York Eastern8:23-bk-70284701/25/2023
CRM BROOKLYN QUEENS BUILDERS INCNew York Eastern8:23-bk-70285701/25/2023
Cypress Hills NYC LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-422181109/14/2022
Nuvo Tower LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-414441106/22/2022
AD Recovery Associates Inc.New York Eastern1:22-bk-42887711/17/2022
Memory Lane Music Group LLC and Pryor Cashman LLPNew York Eastern8:22-bk-708381104/25/2022
3052 Brighton First, LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-407941102/06/2020
J D Holding Group 1 IncNew York Eastern1:22-bk-43015712/02/2022
405 Hempstead Drive Holding Corp.New York Eastern8:23-bk-70113701/13/2023
Saint Cyr 210 Street CorpNew York Eastern1:22-bk-42140709/09/2022
25 Avenue B Holding Corp.New York Eastern8:22-bk-71676707/08/2022
Thomas E Duignan and Chase Manhattan Mortgage CorporationNew York Eastern8:03-bk-81206702/28/200310/08/2003Standard Discharge
Smile Homecare Agency Inc.New York Eastern1:23-bk-402331101/25/2023
1762 Nostrand LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-43162712/21/2022
Ken-Marin IncNew York Eastern1:22-bk-43156712/20/2022
Really Management Inc.New York Eastern1:22-bk-43154712/20/2022
720 Livonia Development LLCNew York Eastern1:19-bk-47797712/31/2019
3 Wall Street CorpNew York Eastern8:23-bk-70351701/30/2023
Cartech Services Inc.New York Eastern8:22-bk-729821110/26/2022
3 Wall Street CorpNew York Eastern1:23-bk-40318701/30/2023
5904 Foster Avenue Trust, Lamor Whitehead, TrusteeNew York Eastern1:23-bk-402111101/24/2023
Lexington Gardens 12 LLCNew York Eastern1:23-bk-402221101/24/2023
Besttutoring Corp.New York Eastern8:23-bk-70350701/31/2023
Fulton Ventures LLCNew York Eastern1:23-bk-401371101/17/2023
Four Shire Court Inc.New York Eastern8:22-bk-734961112/09/2022
Zahmel Restaurant Supplies Corp.New York Eastern1:18-bk-43312706/05/2018
1403 Holding IncNew York Eastern8:23-bk-70344701/30/2023
772 & 720 Holding LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-424351109/30/2022
345 Ovington LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-41782707/27/2022
Gramercy Group, Inc.New York Eastern8:19-bk-736221105/17/2019
975 Walton Bronx LLCNew York Eastern1:21-bk-404871102/25/2021
Advanced Orthomedical Supplies, Inc.New York Eastern8:23-bk-70343701/30/2023