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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Olympia Office LLCNew York Eastern8:16-bk-748921110/20/201612/28/2017
Catch 22 LINY Corp.New York Eastern8:16-bk-751601111/05/2016
CNG Foods LLCNew York Eastern1:16-bk-43278707/26/2016
Keswick Real Estate LLCNew York Eastern8:16-bk-72262705/20/2016
Toporek Family LPNew York Eastern8:16-bk-70282701/25/201612/05/2016
Dowling CollegeNew York Eastern8:16-bk-755451111/29/2016
French Open LLCNew York Eastern1:16-bk-442541109/23/2016
Cheetah Auto CollisionNew York Eastern8:16-bk-747551110/14/2016
Eldridge Properties, Inc.New York Eastern1:16-bk-44514710/05/2016
Flora Nurseries, Inc.New York Eastern8:16-bk-743491209/21/2016
Paragon Building Artisans LLCNew York Eastern1:16-bk-43891708/30/2016
Seacrest Equities LLCNew York Eastern1:16-bk-439561109/01/2016
1672 45th Street, LLCNew York Eastern1:16-bk-440331109/08/2016
Yeshivah Ohel MosheNew York Eastern1:16-bk-436811108/16/2016
Shirokia Mezz I LLCNew York Eastern1:16-bk-436661108/16/2016
Claire Accuhair, IncNew York Eastern1:16-bk-43511708/04/2016
Steinway Child and Family Services, Inc.New York Eastern1:16-bk-43546708/05/2016
Zenith Management I, LLCNew York Eastern1:16-bk-434851108/03/2016
JBL Properties Inc.New York Eastern1:16-bk-43604708/10/2016
Nordic Interior, Inc.New York Eastern1:16-bk-43163707/18/2016
1670 42nd Street LLCNew York Eastern1:16-bk-43522708/04/2016
Viatronix IncorporatedNew York Eastern8:16-bk-73309707/22/2016
Rapid Results SystemsNew York Eastern8:16-bk-730571107/08/2016
Chang Express Elevators Construction & Services CoNew York Eastern1:16-bk-43539708/05/2016
ACMD Holding Corp.New York Eastern8:16-bk-72994707/05/2016
Reverend C.T. Walker Housing Development Fund CorpNew York Eastern1:16-bk-430141107/07/2016
Hi-Temp Specialty Metals, Inc.New York Eastern8:16-bk-72767706/22/2016
Sun Property Consultants, Inc.New York Eastern8:16-bk-72267705/23/2016
HAI Liquidation IncNew York Eastern1:16-bk-42119705/16/2016
Harlow East LLCNew York Eastern8:16-bk-72175705/13/2016
Far Rockaway Nursing HomeNew York Eastern1:16-bk-42464706/03/2016
On Que Food Service Group LLC d/b/a Jakes WaybackNew York Eastern1:16-bk-41930705/03/2016
181 West 135th LLCNew York Eastern1:16-bk-419601105/04/2016
B1 Advanced LLCNew York Eastern8:16-bk-71892704/29/2016
Jadeco Construction Corp.New York Eastern8:16-bk-71508704/06/2016
Claire Accuhair, IncNew York Eastern1:16-bk-41277703/29/2016
The Great American Vending Machine Company, Inc.New York Eastern8:16-bk-71519704/07/2016
1600 Locust Avenue Associates, LLC.New York Eastern8:16-bk-71189703/21/2016
Schoolman Transportation System, Inc.New York Eastern8:16-bk-71172703/18/2016
Wilson Ave Management Corp.New York Eastern1:16-bk-403411101/28/2016
A D Die Cutting & Finishing, Inc.New York Eastern8:16-bk-70318701/27/2016
Joseph G. Kelley Construction Management, Inc.New York Eastern8:16-bk-70246701/21/2016
New York Crane & Equipment Corp.New York Eastern1:16-bk-400431101/06/2016
J.F. Lomma, Inc. (N.J.) and Sorbara Construction Corp.New York Eastern1:16-bk-400451101/06/2016
Sigma Builders Group, Inc.New York Eastern1:16-bk-40013701/04/2016
40-01 Northern Blvd. Corp.New York Eastern1:16-bk-401591101/14/2016
Taxopark Inc.New York Eastern1:18-bk-43567712/23/2016
Red Bull Taxi Inc.New York Eastern1:18-bk-43565711/14/2016
The Redeemed Christian Church of God, House of PraNew York Eastern8:16-bk-758661112/20/201602/01/2017Dismissed for Failure to File Information
265 Euclid CorpNew York Eastern8:16-bk-75839712/16/201603/31/2017Dismissed for Other Reason