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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Inter-World Express Services, LTDNew York Eastern8:20-bk-72319706/26/202002/09/2022Discharge Not Applicable
Desoto Owners LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-43387709/22/2020
Baumann & Sons Buses, Inc. et al.,New York Eastern8:20-bk-721211105/27/2020
Online King LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-425911107/10/2020
Lev Transit, LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-417661103/27/202001/24/2023Discharge Not Applicable 01/24/2023
JS 112ST LLCNew York Eastern8:20-bk-731831110/14/2020
JS 105ST LLCNew York Eastern8:20-bk-731821110/14/2020
Victoria Towers Development Corp.New York Eastern8:20-bk-733031110/30/2020
1769 LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-436461110/19/2020
RLCH Inc.New York Eastern1:20-bk-430521108/24/2020
Brittanys Villa CorpNew York Eastern1:20-bk-408981102/13/2020
IGI Restaurant, IncNew York Eastern1:20-bk-402561101/15/202008/13/2020Dismissed for Other Reason 07/28/2020
Mangos Steakhouse & Bakery Inc.New York Eastern1:20-bk-44143711/30/2020
Baumann Bus Company, Inc.New York Eastern8:20-bk-726021108/03/2020
Acme Bus Corp.New York Eastern8:20-bk-721221105/27/2020
4202 Ki Tov LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-405731101/29/2020
4202 Partners LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-424381106/25/2020
203-205 North 8th Street Loft, LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-407931102/06/2020
Clay Riverview LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-403811101/21/2020
3052 Brighton First, LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-407941102/06/2020
Desoto Holding LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-433881109/22/2020
Aqua Shield, Inc.New York Eastern1:20-bk-436351110/16/2020
Sunshine Adult Social Center, Corp.New York Eastern1:20-bk-442311112/09/2020
United Vegetable Produce Inc.New York Eastern1:20-bk-44026711/18/2020
Russ Fragala Landscape CorpNew York Eastern8:20-bk-73335711/04/2020
Diamond Finance Co., IncNew York Eastern8:20-bk-71877704/14/2020
Armcres Realty Inc.New York Eastern1:20-bk-41665703/20/2020
Neno Cab Corp.New York Eastern1:20-bk-443611112/23/2020
T & L Cab Co. Inc.New York Eastern1:20-bk-417751103/27/2020
Lawrence Transit, LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-417651103/27/2020
SDC Enterprises LLCNew York Eastern8:20-bk-72489707/24/2020
Sima Hacking Corp.New York Eastern1:20-bk-417721103/27/2020
Lyuba Hacking Corp.New York Eastern1:20-bk-417671103/27/2020
SRS Capital Funds, Inc.New York Eastern8:20-bk-72883709/04/2020
Lucky Star-Deer Park LLCNew York Eastern8:20-bk-733011110/30/2020
Flushing Landmark Realty LLCNew York Eastern8:20-bk-733021110/30/2020
Mount Moriah African Methodist Episcopal ChurchNew York Eastern1:20-bk-406381101/30/2020
Diamond Holding LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-442191112/09/2020
MKJC Auto Group, LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-422831106/08/2020
Home Werks LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-406861102/03/202004/15/2020Dismissed for Other Reason 03/30/2020
I. G. Federal Electrical Supply Corp.New York Eastern1:20-bk-40023701/03/2020
Omni Home LLCNew York Eastern8:20-bk-731841110/14/2020
Madame Paulette LIC, LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-407141102/04/202009/02/2020Dismissed for Other Reason 08/14/2020
Home Comberation LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-444411112/30/2020
RFA Frontino LLCNew York Eastern8:20-bk-736761112/23/2020
The Golden Group Realty Inc.New York Eastern1:20-bk-441881112/06/2020
SNL Baldwin Realty, LLCNew York Eastern8:20-bk-733481111/07/2020
Fanchest, Inc.New York Eastern1:20-bk-439321111/06/2020
Instyle Home Renovations LLCNew York Eastern8:20-bk-732431110/22/2020
BRC Powerplant, LLCNew York Eastern1:20-bk-436881110/21/2020