There have been 735 business bankruptcy cases in New York Eastern in 2023

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Year Filed
Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
Case TitleLeona Transportation Inc.CourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-415461105/03/2023
Case TitleGreek Star Tax IncCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-442221111/20/2023
Case TitleEast Service Road LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-427651108/02/2023
Case Title2402 Dean St LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-42629707/26/2023
Case TitleThree Nickels, LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-414561104/27/2023
Case TitleThe Brooklyn Standard IX LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-424551107/12/2023
Case Title111-25 116 LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-440471111/02/2023
Case TitleSano Artisan Bakers, LtdCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-417161105/17/2023
Case TitlePacifica CMFM Group LLCCourtNew York Eastern8:23-bk-721821106/20/2023
Case TitleDongan Plaza IncCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-42552707/20/2023
Case Title634 Wilson Ave LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-411561104/04/2023
Case TitleReliable Foreclosure CorporationCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-431851109/06/2023
Case TitleAndre AudigeCourtNew York Eastern8:23-bk-72514707/13/2023
Case Title527 Myrtle LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-433911109/21/2023
Case TitleMill 407 LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-444061111/30/2023
Case TitleNashFit LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-419991106/05/2023
Case TitleEckford- Greenpoint LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-441351111/14/2023
Case TitleRJT Food & Restaurant, LLCCourtNew York Eastern8:23-bk-704471102/08/2023
Case Title502 E Jed Realty CorpCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-413161104/18/2023
Case TitleOswyn MontouteCourtNew York Eastern8:23-bk-72810708/01/2023
Case Title1185 Walnut Street Inc.CourtNew York Eastern8:23-bk-74183711/09/2023
Case TitleAlexa & Roger Inc.CourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-444411112/01/2023
Case Title1397 Stanley LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-438611110/24/2023
Case Title1778 Dean St LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-432611109/13/2023
Case TitleJoseph P. Fusco D.D.S., P.C.CourtNew York Eastern8:23-bk-738951110/20/2023
Case TitleSoni Holdings LLCCourtNew York Eastern8:23-bk-738631110/18/2023
Case TitleSaucy Fried Chicken LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-42714707/31/2023
Case Title25 Jay Street LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-440831111/07/2023
Case TitleGolyan Enterprises, LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-416471105/11/2023
Case TitleThe Katmint LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-444771112/05/2023
Case TitleBorohub Gardens LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-444691112/04/2023
Case TitleBon Shen Ling, the Tibetan Bon Education FundCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-439851110/31/2023
Case Title155 Chambersfood, Inc.CourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-429371108/16/2023
Case Title2159 57 Street Unit 1A LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-441941111/16/2023
Case Title362 Deauville Blvd LLCCourtNew York Eastern8:23-bk-73539709/25/2023
Case TitleMZ Vernon, LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-43269709/14/2023
Case TitleTimothy Hill Children's Ranch, Inc.CourtNew York Eastern8:23-bk-738211110/16/2023
Case TitleIm Groot Capital LLCCourtNew York Eastern8:23-bk-72437707/10/2023
Case TitleChampagne Room Bk IncCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-43187709/06/2023
Case TitleCottonwood Vending LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-430271108/24/2023
Case TitleElite Limousine Plus, Inc.CourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-430881108/29/2023
Case TitleUnited Maple LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-43896710/25/2023
Case TitleRandazzo's Clam Bar on NY, Inc.CourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-411511104/03/2023
Case TitleMutual Consulting Group LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-445161112/07/2023
Case Title2128 Flatbush Ave LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-433711109/20/2023
Case TitleMiracle Mile Properties 2, LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-438741110/25/2023
Case TitleMiracle Mile Properties 3, LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-439301110/27/2023
Case TitleMiracle Mile Properties 4, LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-439411110/27/2023
Case TitleKew NDBM Hold 2607, LLCCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-40024701/04/2023
Case TitleEstate of Orville M. DurrantCourtNew York Eastern1:23-bk-44016711/01/2023