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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
QVA9 Management Inc.New York Eastern1:22-bk-425821110/18/2022
77 Varet Holding Corp.New York Eastern1:22-bk-423161109/21/2022
Savva's Restaurant, Inc.New York Eastern8:22-bk-703821103/04/2022
Cypress Hills NYC LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-422181109/14/2022
Barnett CorporationNew York Eastern8:22-bk-73623712/22/2022
ISF Properties LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-429541111/29/2022
10214 Equities CorpNew York Eastern1:22-bk-41897708/04/2022
16 Judge LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-431351112/16/2022
Crown N Stuy CorpNew York Eastern1:22-bk-41607707/06/2022
Zen Restoration IncNew York Eastern1:22-bk-408091104/19/2022
10026 Equities CorpNew York Eastern1:22-bk-42470710/05/2022
1762 Nostrand LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-43162712/21/2022
7614 LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-423361109/23/2022
Afiq CorporationNew York Eastern1:22-bk-411221105/24/2022
New Island Development, LLCNew York Eastern8:22-bk-71630707/05/2022
Elvin CalvacheNew York Eastern8:22-bk-73148711/10/2022
240 Kettles LLCNew York Eastern8:22-bk-73562712/14/2022
53 Glenmere CorpNew York Eastern1:22-bk-425611110/14/2022
53 Glenmere Corp.New York Eastern8:22-bk-728191110/14/202210/14/2022
WC 177th Street LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-42884711/16/2022
Global Prime Realty 1 Corp.New York Eastern1:22-bk-428851111/17/2022
12 OldBrook Road IncNew York Eastern8:22-bk-72991710/26/2022
Dent Tech Laboratory, Inc.New York Eastern1:22-bk-414691106/24/2022
Bon Worth Holdings, Inc.New York Eastern1:22-bk-432131112/29/2022
Home Strategy Inc.New York Eastern1:22-bk-413771106/15/2022
2736 Holdings LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-43103712/13/2022
River A NY LLCNew York Eastern8:22-bk-73302711/23/2022
Rutland 58 CorpNew York Eastern1:22-bk-429821111/30/2022
Fix and Case, Inc.New York Eastern1:22-bk-421221109/07/2022
AARC IncNew York Eastern8:22-bk-71906707/27/2022
Acorn Real Property Acquisition, Inc.New York Eastern1:22-bk-427181110/31/2022
CDP Holdings Group, LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-413921106/16/2022
1325 Atlantic Realty LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-402771102/16/2022
Ken-Marin IncNew York Eastern1:22-bk-43156712/20/2022
Really Management Inc.New York Eastern1:22-bk-43154712/20/2022
WiFi Constructions LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-42183709/13/2022
25 Avenue B Holding Corp.New York Eastern8:22-bk-71676707/08/2022
Uptown Group IncNew York Eastern1:22-bk-41206705/31/2022
NYMD Green Lake, LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-420321108/26/2022
Big Trade InceNew York Eastern8:22-bk-73142711/10/202203/15/2023Dismissed for Other Reason
Decatur Fortress TrustNew York Eastern1:22-bk-420761108/31/2022
Auto Service By S, Inc.New York Eastern1:22-bk-402501102/10/202206/16/2022Dismissed for Other Reason 05/20/2022
Ansar Property Development, Inc.New York Eastern8:22-bk-726771110/03/2022
Silver Investors, Inc.New York Eastern1:22-bk-421961109/13/2022
Phoenix Holdings & Investments LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-409811102/18/2022
Tip Top Auto Care IncNew York Eastern1:22-bk-427111110/28/2022
RM Newman LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-405761103/23/2022
129 N Walnut Street LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-421041109/02/2022
Club 121 Inc. as successor by merger with KimtifcoNew York Eastern8:22-bk-730051110/27/2022
Pars Bronx Realty LLCNew York Eastern1:22-bk-407141104/05/2022