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Case TitleCourtCase NoChpDate FiledClosedDisposition
124 Jefferson Drive Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-78567712/26/2018
WILLIAM KRUMHOLZ TRNew York Eastern8:18-bk-78568712/26/2018
54 Botsford Street CorpNew York Eastern8:18-bk-78537712/20/2018
LEX B INCNew York Eastern8:18-bk-78486712/17/201805/15/2019Dismissed for Other Reason 04/30/2019
Besttutoring CorpNew York Eastern8:18-bk-78395712/13/2018
60 Harbor Dr. LLCNew York Eastern8:18-bk-78401712/13/2018
Cornwall Lane Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-78298712/10/2018
The Boot & Shoe Travelers' Association of NewNew York Eastern8:18-bk-78211712/05/2018
640 Derby Ave CorpNew York Eastern8:18-bk-78159712/04/2018
Jane Properties 2018 LLCNew York Eastern8:18-bk-78181712/04/2018
22 Lincoln Ave IncNew York Eastern8:18-bk-78187712/04/2018
160 Atlantic Avenue TrustNew York Eastern8:18-bk-77818711/20/2018
Grand Interiors Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-77566711/09/2018
Overlook 57 Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-77584711/09/2018
South Shore Cabinets Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-77347710/30/2018
20 Yaphank Middle Island Road IncNew York Eastern8:18-bk-77364710/30/2018
9 Lynwood Holding LLCNew York Eastern8:18-bk-77322710/29/2018
SINGH R&H REALTY INC.New York Eastern8:18-bk-77332710/29/2018
Jianone Construction Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-77071710/18/2018
1 Floral Inc.New York Eastern8:18-bk-76981710/16/2018
Langdon Street 1112 Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-76934710/15/2018
109 Franklin Street Inc.New York Eastern8:18-bk-76853710/12/2018
East Moriches Development Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-76813710/10/2018
Elderwood Drive East Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-76794710/09/2018
Nassau Lane 43 llcNew York Eastern8:18-bk-76730710/05/2018
49 Orleans Holding LLCNew York Eastern8:18-bk-76641710/02/2018
J. D. Lauren, Inc.New York Eastern8:18-bk-76585710/01/2018
1028fayesmith Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-76601710/01/2018
Bayville CorpNew York Eastern8:18-bk-76606710/01/2018
9 Beltane Drive Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-76548709/28/2018
North Colombus 289 CorpNew York Eastern8:18-bk-76425709/24/2018
7 York Street Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-76405709/24/2018
54 Meadowood LLCNew York Eastern8:18-bk-76359709/21/2018
Front 290 CorpNew York Eastern8:18-bk-76287709/18/2018
Stirrup 93 Equities IncNew York Eastern8:18-bk-76276709/18/2018
Mom-Kidz Duped Inc.New York Eastern8:18-bk-76249709/17/2018
Paramount Equipment, Inc.New York Eastern8:18-bk-76163709/12/2018
Glenco Design and Construction Inc.New York Eastern8:18-bk-76140709/11/2018
Fleet Holdings LLCNew York Eastern8:18-bk-75999709/06/2018
188th 13344 Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-76006709/06/2018
Cornwall Lane Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-75817708/28/2018
Jedi Development LLCNew York Eastern8:18-bk-75754708/24/2018
Beach 6904 CorpNew York Eastern8:18-bk-75700708/23/2018
Feng Hau, Inc.New York Eastern8:18-bk-75503708/15/2018
All Wood Furniture Discount Center, Inc.New York Eastern8:18-bk-75413708/12/2018
15 Wyoming Avenue Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-75340708/08/2018
123 Winding Street Corp.New York Eastern8:18-bk-75316708/07/201812/05/2018Dismissed for Other Reason 11/20/2018
Gould Ambroson & Associates Ltd.New York Eastern8:18-bk-75175708/01/2018
Elvin CalvacheNew York Eastern8:18-bk-75148707/31/2018
MILBURN 873 CORPNew York Eastern8:18-bk-75120707/30/2018