Join the family bank? Nah, I'll start a fintech


George Cook could have joined Somerset Trust, where his father is CEO. Instead, he founded Honeycomb Credit, a crowdfunding platform that competes with banks.


As federal fintech regulatory plans founder, a push for alternatives


Many in the space are seeking the creation of a "flexible" supervisory regime that relies on existing authorities and a hands-off approach from state agencies, but such a plan faces an uphill battle.


Four U.S. regulators join global innovation network


The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and the Securities and Exchange Commision announced Thursday they had joined the Global Financial Innovation Network.


Agencies sign off on final Volcker Rule changes


The reforms will result in significant changes to the proprietary trading ban first proposed by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker and mandated in the Dodd-Frank Act.


Streamlined Volcker Rule could encourage some banks to take bigger risks


The revised trading rule is seen as a credit negative for banking industry.


Regulators close to unveiling Volcker revamp: Sources


Wall Street watchdogs are poised to take a major step toward overhauling limits on banks’ ability to trade with their own funds, according to people familiar with the effort.


Blockchain, crypto tech need clear rules of the road


Ambiguity about which laws apply to blockchain technology has prevented certain companies from doing business in the United States.


Consumer lender Oportun lays groundwork for IPO


In a registration statement filed with the SEC, the company revealed new details about its financial performance and its growth plans.


Regulators exempt community banks from Volcker rule


Bank regulators finalized a proposal to exclude small institutions from the proprietary trading ban, as required by last year’s reg relief bill.


Facebook thinks it can displace banks. Good luck with that.


Many people still distrust banks, but many also look askance at the social media giant, making it an unlikely savior of the unbanked.