House lawmakers introduce CECL 'stop and study' bill


The bipartisan House effort to delay the Current Expected Credit Loss standard comes less than a month after Republican senators introduced a similar bill.


Republican Senate bill would delay CECL until further study


The effort to delay CECL comes a week after a House panel mounted a bipartisan attack on the new FASB standard.


Regulators instructed to clear new rules with White House


The Trump administration directed independent agencies to submit their pending regulations for review by the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, a novel procedural hurdle that could slow down policy changes.


The specter of CECL looms over banks’ 1Q calls


With an implementation deadline less than a year away, bankers will be pressed to detail how a new accounting rule for loan losses will affect reserves, earnings and capital.


SEC chief warns on leveraged loans; Wells’ woes continue


Clayton is the latest to raise concerns about bank loans to highly indebted companies; Wells Fargo’s performance took a hit with its reputation.


Dem senators press Trump administration to fill regulatory posts


Four lawmakers are calling on the White House to act quickly to appoint members to Democratic slots on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s board and on the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Don’t hold your breath for an executive compensation rule


If there is renewed interest in a proposal to restrict incentive-based plans, that isn’t enough to overcome obstacles that have hindered the rulemaking for so long.


House banking panel to examine Wells Fargo, CFPB in March


The House Financial Services Committee will hold eight hearings next month, looking at Wells Fargo's recent consumer protection scandals, a reauthorization of the flood insurance program and more.


Accounting standards shouldn’t be left to the accountants


The SEC and FASB control the process now, but Congress should give banking regulators a more central role in overseeing the creation of accounting rules.


Advice for crypto firms on joining financial mainstream


More traditional players interested in creating a safer market for digital assets have issued a checklist that cryptocurrency firms can follow to build confidence among banks, consumers and regulators.