Blockchain startup inches closer to legally tradable tokens


Prometheum may succeed whether others have failed because it has attempted to work closely with regulators.


Robinhood backs down after outcry over checking account


Robinhood Financial has rebranded its service, deleted tweets about its launch and scrubbed the page from its website.


Bankers cry foul over Robinhood’s checking and savings accounts


The fintech's new products may violate several banking and securities regulations and could mislead the public about the differences between coverage on banking and investment accounts, industry officials say.


Volcker 2.0 unites banks and their critics in opposition


Bankers say the agencies’ proposed rewrite of the trading ban would do more harm than good, while the Volcker Rule’s most ardent supporters worry the overhaul will enable risky behavior by the largest institutions.


Renaud Laplanche’s redemption story is a bad omen for fintech


Despite being barred from the securities industry by the SEC, LendingClub’s founder has found plenty of people to back his latest venture — and that’s a problem.


SEC fines former Ocwen exec for insider trading before CFPB, PHH news


A former Ocwen Financial executive is settling Securities and Exchange Commission charges that he engaged in insider trading related to his company's dealings with Altisource Portfolio Solutions following a CFPB enforcement action and its upcoming merger with PHH Corp.


Former LendingClub CEO fined for misusing investor funds


Renaud Laplanche agreed to pay $200,000 and accept a ban from the securities industry to settle a long-running SEC probe. A LendingClub subsidiary and the firm's former CFO, Carrie Dolan, were also fined.


VCs sour to ICOs as the SEC takes notice


Initial coin offerings have become controversial enough for the SEC to weigh in. And even though the commission has not announced a clear stance, technology investors are noticing a difference in its actions.


Additional Wells misdeeds obscured by arbitration: Calif. official


State Treasurer John Chiang says that Wells Fargo is keeping patterns of abuse hidden from view by resolving customer disputes through private arbitration.


SEC forces cities to reveal bank loans with holdings surging


The Securities and Exchange Commission moved to require states and local governments to disclose bank loans and privately placed debt, seeking to address concerns that bondholders are being left in the dark about a fast-growing segment of public finance.