Regulatory relief

Big banks urge HUD to shelve redlining plan. Small banks say not so fast.


The national conversation around systemic racism has compelled large banks to withdraw support from the “disparate impact” proposal. But community banks maintain that the proposed reforms would reduce frivolous claims.


OCC seeks to clarify oversight of third-party lending relationships


The OCC is proposing steps for determining which party is the "true lender," which affects how the agency oversees such arrangements.


Why banks are steering more political donations to Democrats


Republicans still receive more money overall from bankers, but the gap is narrowing ahead of the November elections. Experts say that the trend corresponds with signs of a “blue wave” and that many in the industry prefer Democrats on nonregulatory issues.


Dodd-Frank at 10: How regulation has (and hasn't) changed since law's passage


Policymakers have eased some rules and the Supreme Court recently dealt a blow to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But as the landmark legislation approaches its 10th anniversary, the post-crisis regulatory regime has stayed largely intact.


Are lawmakers inviting ‘hot money’ boom with brokered deposit bill?


Backers say a bill to limit asset growth instead of restricting brokered funds addresses concerns about expanding balance sheets at troubled banks. But skeptics worry it would open the door to greater risk.


CFPB makes it official, rescinds Cordray-era limits on payday lenders


The agency delivered long-anticipated regulatory relief to the small-dollar loan industry by eliminating ability-to-repay requirements imposed under the bureau’s former director.


10 years after bruising Dodd-Frank fight, is bipartisanship returning?


Rancor between Democrats and Republicans has made it hard to enact subsequent bills. But the 2018 reg relief package and more recent legislation offer hope for efforts to reach across the aisle.


Will CFPB advisory opinions offer clarity, or give companies a pass?


The agency has proposed letting firms seek specific guidance, which can be applied to other institutions. But consumer groups worry the plan circumvents formal rulemaking.


Dodd-Frank has softened blow of pandemic, its authors say


Chris Dodd and Barney Frank said the legislation — nearing its 10th anniversary — put banks in position to be a stabilizing force during the coronavirus crisis.


Forbearance during coronavirus a double-edged sword


Borrower relief is necessary in a national emergency, but if the exclusion of the deferred loans from troubled debt restructurings is extended past the end of the year, safety and soundness could be compromised.