Regulatory relief

Big banks don’t need further relief from capital rule: Warren, Brown


Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown urged regulators not to give in to industry requests to extend a temporary policy easing compliance with the supplementary leverage ratio.


Fed nears decision on continued easing of bank capital rule


Chair Jerome Powell told a congressional panel that the Federal Reserve is weighing whether to extend temporary relief from the “supplementary leverage ratio” — meant to help banks lend more during the pandemic — beyond March 31.


Next step in AML overhaul: Simplify SARs


Congress acted first when it freed financial firms from having to disclose the beneficial owners of commercial clients. Now it's time for regulators to further ease anti-money-laundering reporting requirements by freeing them from filing duplicative or unnecessary suspicious activity reports.


Week ahead: Credit union groups outline 2021 priorities


With the new Congress sworn in, trade associations are already pushing their legislative wish lists, including more regulatory oversight of fintechs and protecting the industry's tax exemption.


Senate override of Trump veto clears way for shell-company reform


Congress's enactment of the defense spending bill opposed by the White House removes the final hurdle for a key anti-money-laundering provision.


OCC’s preemption letter opens new front in battle with states


In the waning days of the Trump administration, the agency issued a new legal theory of its power to let national banks evade state consumer protection laws. But some state attorneys general and consumer groups charge the federal regulator is attempting to sidestep restrictions imposed by Dodd-Frank.


OCC proposes to let certain banks skip money-laundering reports


The agency said it may exempt certain institutions from having to file suspicious activity reports if they have “innovative solutions intended to meet Bank Secrecy Act requirements more efficiently and effectively." But in those circumstances, law enforcement may still require SARs.


FDIC report suggests M&A has been positive for many small banks


The agency’s second in-depth study of the community banking sector pointed to continued challenges for local institutions from the pandemic and other headwinds, but many smaller banks are reaping the benefits of M&A and holding their own against larger competitors in key lending categories.


FDIC finishes long-awaited rules on brokered funds, ILCs


The revamp of the brokered deposits framework offers relief to banks and their partners that saw the prior rule as outdated. Meanwhile, new standards for industrial loan company parents aim to clarify the bank chartering process for fintechs and other nontraditional firms.


FDIC board to consider brokered deposit, ILC rules at public meeting


The agency's principals are scheduled to meet Dec. 15 to vote on a new definition for brokered deposits and on regulatory standards for industrial bank parents.