Regulatory relief

CFPB urged to take more active role in coronavirus response


The agency has relaxed some reporting requirements and joined other regulators in encouraging banks to help borrowers, but pressure is building on the bureau to do more to aid consumers suffering financial hardship.


Fed plowing ahead with stress tests. But should it?


Many argue the economic turmoil from the pandemic makes the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review irrelevant this year, while others say testing banks’ capital strength is crucial now more than ever.


Banks poised to get new tools after House passes coronavirus relief


The $2 trillion stimulus package, which the Senate passed days earlier, aims to expand Federal Reserve liquidity resources and provide financial institutions with some regulatory relief.


Coronavirus stimulus package: What do banks need to know?


Details of the $2 trillion deal were still fluid Wednesday, but lawmakers were closing in on a plan that would aim to put banks and consumers alike on stronger financial footing as they weather the coronavirus pandemic.


Cheat sheet: What's at stake for banks, customers in stimulus battle


Congressional proposals could expand Federal Reserve liquidity support, delay a new credit loss accounting standard, provide certain accounts with unlimited deposit insurance and more to help businesses and consumers reeling from the coronavirus outbreak.


Will OCC plan silence some critics of bank M&A?


Groups often will oppose mergers on Community Reinvestment Act grounds. But the proposal would tighten standards for when the agency includes “adverse comments” in the process.


Agencies encourage banks to use their capital to boost lending


Regulators issued a rule that gives banks the OK to dip into capital to help households and businesses cope with the economic impact of the coronavirus.


Regulators urge banks to give relief customers affected by pandemic


The OCC and FDIC said banks should consider waiving fees, be flexible with loan repayments and that they would not be penalized if they close branches for precautionary reasons.


Community banks seek broader exemption from CRA changes


The OCC and FDIC’s proposal for modernizing the community reinvestment law would give banks below $500 million of assets the option to keep the current regime. But bankers and industry representatives say that threshold should be higher.


OCC proposes eliminating 'outdated' licensing rules


As part of a review, the agency said it had identified requirements dealing with operating subsidiaries, non-controlling investments by banks and other corporate activities that were no longer necessary.