Regulatory relief

Time for Fed to tap brakes on relief programs


By purchasing additional assets and securities, the Federal Reserve provided the financial markets with enough liquidity to weather the pandemic recession. But with the economy starting to recover, it needs to reduce such funding before it creates dangerous bubbles over the long term, say two former bankers.



Fed nears decisions on key capital break, shareholder distributions


The Federal Reserve will determine within days whether to extend the easing of the supplementary leverage ratio for big banks past March 31, Chairman Jerome Powell says. And it's a couple of weeks away from announcing whether there will be limits on second-quarter dividends and buybacks, he says.



Write banking rules that withstand political winds


Regulations that merely reflect the beliefs of whoever’s in power undoubtedly get unwound by the next round of leaders. Policies will stand the test of time if they are focused on addressing inequalities in the financial system.


D.C. power shift complicates Fed decision on capital rule


The industry wants regulators to extend a temporary measure making it easier to satisfy the supplementary leverage ratio. But Democrats’ control of the White House and Congress has given a bigger platform to those who say banks have had enough relief.


Big banks don’t need further relief from capital rule: Warren, Brown


Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown urged regulators not to give in to industry requests to extend a temporary policy easing compliance with the supplementary leverage ratio.


Fed nears decision on continued easing of bank capital rule


Chair Jerome Powell told a congressional panel that the Federal Reserve is weighing whether to extend temporary relief from the “supplementary leverage ratio” — meant to help banks lend more during the pandemic — beyond March 31.