Chapter 13 and Tax Relief for Seniors Save Marian’s House


Marian Saves Her House from Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure: She Filed Chapter 13 and Got Fairfax Senior Citizen Tax Relief Before her husband died, Marian had taken out a reverse mortgage on her home. That way, they hoped, she wouldn’t have a house payment and she’d never have to worry about having a place to live. […]


Settling Her Debts through Americor, Sheriff Brings a Warrant


Trying to Settle Her Debts through Americor, Liz gets a Warrant in Debt Liz was shocked when the sheriff brought a warrant in debt for her $2680 Victoria’s Secret account. Liz Tried to Settle Her Debts Liz tried to settle her debts. She worked through Americor and gave them $664 per month. Victoria’s Secret was […]


We knock out Dyck-O’Neal, Save Lonnie’s Clearance and his Family Home Place


We knock out Dyck-O’Neal, Save Lonnie’s Clearance and his Family Home Place Lonnie was about to lose his federal job. His clearance review showed he owed Dyck-O’Neal $127,153 from a foreclosure deficiency. He needed to take care of that. Or he’ll lose his clearance and his job. Obviously he didn’t have $127,153.  And when we […]


Alternatives to Bankruptcy: Do Nothing: Just Don’t Pay


For People Living on Just Social Security–Alternative to Bankruptcy: Do Nothing: Just Don’t Pay People file bankruptcy for three reasons. So the bill collectors quit calling. So they can’t garnish you. And to get back to good credit. Are you living on just social security? If we look at those three reasons, we can see […]


Linda Pays through Beyond Finance and Gets Garnished


Linda Pays Mariner $6113 through Beyond Finance. Then She Gets Garnished Linda Cash (not her real name) wanted to clear her debts without filing bankruptcy. As an alternative to bankruptcy, she signed up for Beyond Finance. Linda needed Beyond Finance to help her with Mariner. (She originally borrowed $5383, got behind, and now owed Mariner […]


Alternatives to Bankruptcy–Disappear


Alternatives to bankruptcy–disappear One alternative to bankruptcy is to just disappear.  Why am I bringing this up, now? This week somebody asked Quora (a website I follow) how to legally disappear.  The answer, sign up for a Caribbean cruise. Get off at the Virgin Islands. Don’t get back on. For most people, bankruptcy works. But when […]


One Way to Get Ready for Recession: Bankruptcy


Get Ready for a Recession Michelle Singletary in Wednesday’s Washington Post writes about getting ready for a recession.  Two pieces of her advice: clear your credit card debt; and start saving. Suppose the recession hits hard ten months from now–April 2023.  Will your credit cards be paid off?  If there’s a lot of slack in […]


Are Changes on the Way for Bankruptcy and Student Loans?


Are Changes on the Way for Bankruptcy and Student Loans? There’s one big change Joe Biden can make (without Congress) so people who can’t afford to pay their student loans can clear them in bankruptcy. During his presidential campaign, Joe Biden promised to help people who can’t pay their student loans.  So far, he’s helped […]


Bankruptcy and Depression


Bankruptcy and Depression: No, I’m Not a Doctor This post is about bankruptcy and depression. No, I’m not a doctor. (Actually my law school degree says I’m a JD– a juris doctor). But I see depressed people a lot. And because I see it a lot, I’ve read up on it. The VA says that […]


Solving Your Debt Problems By Doing Nothing.


For some people on Social Security, Doing Nothing About Debt Problems Works Fine I tell a couple people a month there’s no reason to file bankruptcy. Most often older people who have no income except for social security. For them, there’s often no reason to file bankruptcy. Here’s why. People File Bankruptcy for Three Reasons […]