Bankruptcy, short sale, debt forgiveness tax and the fiscal cliff


The 2007 Mortgage Forgiveness Tax Relief Act expires December 31, 2012.   That’s one of the tax cuts, put in place when George Bush was president, that are about to expire.  This one may force more people to file bankruptcy.


After Bankruptcy: Why did Bank of America Forgive My Second Mortgage?


Lots of people, in current or recent bankruptcy, are getting letters from Bank of America forgiving their second mortgages.

What’s going on?


After bankruptcy: Changed my mind. Can I still give back the car?


I get a question like this a couple times a week.

 My name is Ben Chambers.

You handled my bankruptcy about 8 months ago it went well–thank you very much.  I just have a quick legal question.

At the time I decided to keep a car my Kia Sorento 2005 and pay the monthly loan amount.


Lying to the Bankruptcy Court: What Can Happen


Bankruptcy Court Judge Robert Mayer nailed a guy named Jon Mays this past week.  I was in the bankruptcy court on something else, and I saw it.


After Bankruptcy: What If I Win the Lottery


People often ask me, what happens after bankruptcy if I . . .

Get a big raise…

Start a business…

Get a big tax refund in future years…

Become a reality star…

Win the lottery…

How does that affect my bankruptcy?


Bankruptcy Second Opinion: Why Chapter 13?


Two people in Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans came to see me this past week for a second opinion.  I told both that for them, Chapter 7 bankruptcy was better.


Before bankruptcy: How to put Mom on your car title as lien holder


Before bankruptcy, sometimes you need to borrow money from Mom.  You might want to borrow that money and put her on your car title.


Bankruptcy Dismissed: Is that a bad thing?


“Angie” filed a bankruptcy a couple years ago with some other lawyer.  Her case was “dismissed.”  She emailed me yesterday, looking for a lawyer she could “trust.”