After Bankruptcy: Bank of America Can’t Stop Themselves


This is a story about how Bank of America violated the bankruptcy discharge, hacking off Gus and Nikoleta, and me.  (I’ve changed the names of Gus and Nikoleta–all the rest of this is true.)  And then hit Gus and Nikki for a “foreclosure fee” while they were current.  And then did it again.

Gus and Nikoleta came to see me in 2009.


Can they put a lien on the house I bought after the bankruptcy?


Did you put off filing bankruptcy until after somebody got a judgment against you?

Pre-bankruptcy judgments are liens on property you own before the bankruptcy.  (Sometimes they can be removed;  sometimes they can’t.)   But they do NOT become a lien on property you buy after the bankruptcy.


Filing Bankruptcy and self employed? You need a “Profit and Loss”


If you file bankruptcy, you need to send in proof of your income.  For most people, that means your pay stubs.   Section 521 of the Bankruptcy Code requires people to send in at least two month of their “payment advices“–meaning pay stubs–received from your “employer.”

What if you are self employed?   You don’t get a pay stubs and don’t have en employer.  Do you dodge that requirement?


Emergency Bankruptcies in Northern Virginia


Here’s an email I got on Friday, March 15 2013.

I started the bankruptcy process with your office in 03/2012 and stopped the process.  That was a wrong decision!!!  My house is scheduled for foreclosure on Monday 03/18/13 and I have tried working with Wells Fargo to postpone the sale.  NACA and Senator Mark Warner’s office also joined me to work with Wells Fargo but they are slow to give me a decision.  Can you help me stop the foreclosure?


But I Surrendered that Property in My Bankruptcy!


Bankruptcy gets you out of debts you don’t want, but not stuff you don’t want.

It doesn’t force the finance company to tow your car.  Or the timeshare people to foreclose the timeshare.  And it doesn’t make the bankruptcy court take anything.


After bankruptcy–bills, calls and illegal harassment


After bankruptcy, you might get a call or a bill on a debt that was discharged in your case.  Trying to collect a discharged debt during or after the bankruptcy is a violation of the bankruptcy stay–while your case is open–or bankruptcy discharge, once your case is closed.

Don’t get upset, but do take action.


After Bankruptcy–We Garnish Bank of America


Bank of America wouldn’t fix Ed and Ann’s credit reports after bankruptcy.

Our disputes were ignored, so we sued.  The judgment was ignored, so we’re garnishing.

Here’s the whole story.


After Bankruptcy: Can they turn me away at the hospital?


More than half of all bankruptcy is caused by health problems.  Many people file bankruptcy on medical bills, including hospital bills.  (For other people, the medical expenses all ended up on credit cards.)

So it’s no surprise people ask me, “Will I get turned away from the emergency room after I file bankruptcy on the hospital?”