Virus update–March trustee hearings cancelled


Virus update–March trustee hearings cancelled. No rescheduling plan has been announced yet. (Will there be a call-in plan instead??) The Judges here in the Alexandria VA bankruptcy court have invited the lawyers to a conference call on Wednesday. We may know more after that. This announcement applies only to the trustee hearings.  Those are the […]


After Bankruptcy, OneMain Offers Car Reaffirmation Negotiation


In the last few months, OneMain has been contacting me about reaffirmation negotiation on car loans. That took me by surprise. With the exception of Ford Credit, I’ve been strongly opposed to reaffirming cars.  Usually you can keep the car without reaffirming. and then give it back when your credit improves. I explain more about […]


Bankruptcy Solves Rod’s Security Clearance Problem


Two weeks after filing bankruptcy, Rod got his security clearance. Rod contacted me from a military base in the Midwest. The military wanted to give him a new assignment, in the DC area, with more responsibility. His wife and children had already rented a place and moved, while he was awaiting orders.   At the […]


Right After Bankruptcy, Carla Signed on a Car Loan


Right After Bankruptcy, Carla Signed on a Car Loan and She’s Probably Gonna Lose Her House I tell people please please please, do not get a car loan until at least two years after your Chapter 7 bankruptcy.   Two years after bankruptcy, I’m seeing people get car loans in the 6%-8% range. Three years […]


How Chapter 7 Real Estate Sales Benefit Insiders


How Chapter 7 Real Estate Sales Benefit Insiders Randa filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy in March 2019. She was hoping to be able to save the family home, by catching up the mortgage over five years. Her husband was recovering from a long illness and was able to work full time again, making the catch up […]


Credit Card Offers Come Faster Than You Expect


After bankruptcy credit card offers come faster than you think Have you heard the lie? The lie that filing filing bankruptcy means seven years with bad credit. You after bankruptcy credit will be better than most people expect.   The truth about after bankruptcy credit.  The truth is the opposite of that bad credit lie.  […]


Announcement: What to Expect at Your Bankruptcy Hearing


What to Expect at Your Bankruptcy Hearing For most people, your only bankruptcy hearing is what’s called the “meeting of creditors.”  (We almost never actually have creditors show up. We can also call it your “trustee hearing.”) Here’s a video that explains where to go, best places to park, what to bring and what questions […]


How Soon After Bankruptcy Can I Get a Mortgage?


Good News:  Fannie Mae Announces New Shorter Waiting Period for After Bankruptcy Mortgage. Here’s the most important question for people who file bankruptcy because they can’t make their house payments:  How soon can I buy a house again? Since the housing crisis, there have been two waiting periods:  Two years after the bankruptcy; but three […]


Welcome to the “Reader Top Rated” Bankruptcy Blog


To my readers around the country, please keep in mind that I cannot give you legal advice. My answers here on this blog may help you think of things to talk about with YOUR LAWYER. DO NOT TRY TO BE YOUR OWN LAWYER, based on anything you read here. That would be a really bad idea.   Welcome. […]


Do people get sued by the second mortgage after a short sale?


Saw three couples this month who needed to file bankruptcy, because they were getting sued–garnished in one case–by the second mortgage after a short sale.

It was surprising that they were surprised.   At the peak of the crisis, for or five years ago, second mortgages would take what they could get at a short sale and let the rest of it go.  But they don’t often do that anymore.  (At least not without intense negotiation.  I’ve seen it once in the last year.)